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    My first post!
    Hi All

    I'm getting married in Enniskillen in April 08 and need a band to play some decent tunes in the evening, I've had a look round the web but most of the stuff I see is a bit to cheesy for my liking.

    I want a band that doesn't use backing tracks and who will play rock/pop and the minimum amount of swing as possible. I'm over in England at the moment so can't really get back to see any gigs so if anyones got any recommendations that would be great

    thanks :D
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    Check this out from last week..

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    at the end of the day mate you need to speak to people who specialize in this type of thing. I applaude Unplugged for pushing the live factor but the reality is that live or not, most of your guests could care less as long as you have a band that plays a set from 'old flames' for the oldies, waltz numbers then on to more modern stuff as the older ones leave.

    Can I also say that a decent act should be able to offer ypu a DJ set at the end to finish what is usually a long night as well as most bands only really do 2 to 2.5 hours in a night.

    Now I could recommend my own band but I won't as i'll leave that up to you but I do HONESTLY recommend you go through an agent as this gives you something like a bit of assurance if things go tits up as bands who are signed to an agent are usually more professional on the night and you cannot, I repeat, cannot afford for the band to ruin your night by playing badly, turning up late when people are eating, not having a wide enough setlist or just being crap And they usually don't work out much more money wise but hey......you get what you pay for eh?

    www.ents-unltd.com 01704 574732 is who I work through and Teddie is an old skool musician. Chat to him - take some advise and make your mind up from there.

    Well all the best for it mate i hope it goes well for you .

    Ian from Bliss.
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    We obviously also can provide DJ tracks before and after the band start/finish.

    Again if you want to book us also give Teddie Palmer at Entertainments Unlimited (a good fella and fantastic agent) a ring via

    01704 574732

    I (personally) would disagree with using backing track bands.
    They are ok for pubs and clubs but i think on someones big day they want something a bit special rather than a bloke on his own or two blondes in catsuits singing over midi tracks. Its ok for exactly what it is, but its not exactly 'proper' is it. In fact to me its karaoke with a guitar.

    People say people dont care, but lets face it - if they are into music and its their wedding day - they do.

    Live music is def where its at.
    We are also with Teddie Palmer and as much as backing track bands have their target market - Teddie himself will tell you LIVE music has def got the edge. You cant beat LIVE bands. Although backing bands def provide a good night entertainment in the right venue.
    its about what you can afford or the compromise involved. Many factors exist - the size of reception venue. i mean if you got the space and flash why not go the extra few pound and book a full live group. you cant beat the sound of a live drumkit. the look of the 4 piece band and the fact you dont know whats coming next - we never and rarely play same song the same way twice. we can jam and if the audience are digging it we simply will keep going! lol

    I agree in bars and clubs from week to week people generally dont care if live or backing, as if they want live bands they will head to the empire etc....

    But at YOUR one (hopefully) and only wedding......well...

    We play everything from Killers, kaisers to elvis presley and johnny cash. from 6 to 60 we cover the audience that will be at your wedding. We have never misse3d a gig and never will. Death or amputations is only excuse to miss gig :)

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    Well that's me sold and told :lol:

    :roll: This boy has the skills to pay the bills so you gotta book the Flamin whatyamaclallthem.

    Hmm............right. :lol:
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    Belle, yesterday[/i:060a74b7d0]
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    God I thought I had the negatives to that.

    Where did you get it? Tell Me Where God damn you!!!!!!!!! :-D
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    The flange band. Best cover band in Belfast complete with horn section.
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    If you are looking for something a bit different try Cafe cubana. www.myspace.com/cafecubanamusic