1. avatar jackryan
    [b:ca0fd21a78]THE ANSWER[/b:ca0fd21a78] in the [b:ca0fd21a78]Spring and Airbrake[/b:ca0fd21a78] next Thurs night, 16th OCTOBER 2008 with support from [b:ca0fd21a78]INCH HIGH[/b:ca0fd21a78].

    It will be an early show with doors at 7.30PM, INCH HIGH onstage at 8PM and THE ANSWER onstage at 9PM.


    Hope to see you there!!!

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  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Excellent, they'll be razor sharp after all those enormo-fests across the summer. :smt038 :smt030 :smt035
  3. avatar jackryan
    They have been in the studio in LA for a few months so expect new tracks!!
  4. avatar unplugged
    good wee band . def will attend this gig!

    even though they ripped off and done an oasis with keep believin' riff. sounds VERY like iron maidens warthchild although its not a bad thang!

    :-D :-D :-D :-D
  5. avatar jackryan
  6. avatar TalkShowMan
    Nice work Inch High, that's a nice lineup for the night. Looking forward to this one. Huzzah!
  7. avatar jackryan
    Thanks Rory

    For anyone interested in tickets see below otherwise grab a pint and a ticket in KD's

  8. avatar The Limelight
  9. avatar T Entertainment
    A splendid send-off. So rammed it was almost impossible to move in any direction.

    As if anyone needed persuasion, tonight proved the US AC/DC crowd is going to eat them up raw.

  10. avatar The Fires of Hell
  11. avatar swaneeriver
    feckin awesome gig, new stuff soundin great, playing was class and vocals on top form as usual!

    head is sore today!!