1. avatar beast
    I'm 20 years old, student in Queens, been playing guitar around 5 years, done some tutoring, gigging experience. My tastes are reasonably diverse, I'm into indi[size=10:dfc2cc9019]e[/size:dfc2cc9019], rock, post-rock, metal, emo, anything really! I own my own gear and can drive so getting to practice space or gigs wouldn't be a problem. I can play lead or rhythm, very committed, easygoing, easy to get on with!

    [size=18:dfc2cc9019][b:dfc2cc9019]***No longer looking***[/b:dfc2cc9019][/size:dfc2cc9019]
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  2. avatar fastfooderbelfast
    also lookin to put a band together. A funky rock band, like chilli's meets Jamiroquai. Think it'd be good to hear that kinda stuff live for dancin n enjoyment ect. If your interested, i could send you a sample or somethin.
  3. avatar madmarlo
    18 yrs old.
    looking to start band etc. been playing for 5 yrs and have gigging experience. have my own equipment but no transport. im into indie, alternative rock (muse), and i get on well with other people. i live in west belfast, glen road, gransha.
    contact me on 07919164310 for more info
    thank you for your time