1. avatar Cutaways

    We've got a new video for the song 'Lovers Are Lunatics', made by us and the lovely Gawain from Seamless Productions and taken from our new ep Start Stop! Start Stop!

    Let us know what you think and don't forget the launch night this Thursday 9th with Boathouse, Strait Laces and Yes Cadets at the Empire :)

  2. avatar hoaxdrummer
    Very cool!

    Would be there on Thursday but sadly I'm on nights!
  3. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Is a great video, well done to all involved. Thursday night will be fun
  4. avatar Stevie Mac
    I want the three of yous to be sporting your respective puppets on the night. Feel free to give them exaggerated muppet-esque voices.
  5. avatar Recycled Alien
    Unfortunately, I'm working at Oxjam that night. Will you keep me a CD?

    The video could really only have been improved by giving the puppets little instruments.
  6. avatar foamboy
    You guys have a great review on teletext this week. :-D

  7. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:034fba4cdc="foamboy"]You guys have a great review on teletext this week. :-D

    http://www.teletext.co.uk/planetsound/demos/e744d078d0021550fc0ef343a2e04622/bCUTAWAYSb+bLovers+Are+Lunatics+710b.aspx[/quote:034fba4cdc]Having just listened to a few Los Campesinos! tracks on last.fm I get the comparison, but their male vocalist is twee and they need about 20 members in the band to do what Cutaways can do with 3.
  8. avatar Rocky
    I love the video!
  9. avatar rigsyATL
    for me, that is one of the finest tracks of the year so far, by any band, local or otherwise. absolutely love it.
  10. avatar T Entertainment
    Inventive and stupidly catchy, reminds me a wee bit of a breezier Tiger.
    Very few bands in NI have worked harder than 'em and persevered, be great if they finally got the level of exposure they deserve outside NI.
  11. avatar silvercord
    Simply amazing. loved the track now love the vid
  12. avatar The enfant terrible
    Having been a fan since they were the Betes Noires, it's great to hear them sounding fresher than ever and putting out their best material yet. Class vid too.
  13. avatar Elms
    This will be popping up on the 'Choon' show on Propeller TV shortly - it's on Sky Channel 195.