1. avatar Fernando
    Hi, as the title suggests we are a band that likes to play a bit of the old classic rock and we are just getting back together after a bit of a hiatus. There are 3 of us on guitar, bass and drums respectively and we are all over 30 (actually 2 of us are over 40!!). We don't take ourselves too seriously which is probably just as well.
    We do the odd original tune but its mostly covers and mostly from the 70's - Free, Deep Purple, Stones, Who, Lizzy, AC/DC, Queen etc.
    Anyway we love playing live and always have a laugh at rehearsals and at gigs. Contrary to the title of this post we couldn't actually give a toss what age you are, if you are interested in singing with us and up for a bit of banter then PM me.


    Oh - No Skinheads!!!
  2. avatar sera
    where are you guys based?
  3. avatar mary26
    Really interested.Sent you a private mail.