1. avatar mark lanegan
    hello! getting a new guitar and this ones the favourite at the minute, played it, liked it and comes highly recommended from a friend too, anyone on here got any comments on these? good or bad?
  2. avatar kinta1
    cant comment on the 700 specifically but the apx range are good workhorse instruments. i use an apx 10 live myself :-)
  3. avatar Jim Cava
    If you like it - go for it. It doesnt matter what anybody else thinks.
    I find that the APXs sound good plugged in but their acoustic tone is a bit thin(not surprising as the body is quite shallow- built that way to counteract feedback I assume).
    If you spend most of your time playing the guitar acoustically you may want to look at other guitar models. Then again the APXs sound might be exactly what youre looking for.
    Let you ears and fingers decide.