1. avatar TripleHaction

    we are 3 piece so far based in belfast..me songwritin/vocal/ryhmn guitar , got lead guitarist and drums--praktisin at kings hall studios

    Looking for for a bassist who knows there instrument well..male/female

    we are in our early 20s and looking to do mainly originals and gig round belfast mainly or anywhere

    main influences---jeff buckley, oasis, beatles, coldplay, travis, one republic, thin lizzy, snow patrol, kings of leon, jimmy eat world, Black kids, stereophonics, manics, foos, nirvana---melodic rock basically

    if u are up for it PM me back/ or txt 07922639939 or e mail me on danielmchugh2005@hotmail.com

  2. avatar blonderedhead
    Aww, I thought this was a thread looking for a basshunter backing dancer
  3. avatar TripleHaction
    yeah datd be a good oppertunity like..aory i disapponited ye!lol