1. avatar rinky
  2. avatar barrypeak
    I've been buying an obscene amount of vinyl recently. I intend to do more of the same.
  3. avatar mrginger
    i thought id missed this! *glee*
  4. avatar rinky
    I've been buying an obscene amount of vinyl recently. I intend to do more of the same.[/quote:650487536e]

    Bring some records down Baz!
  5. avatar spirit of division
    I have some stuff that just doesnt get listened to anymore...if I get the time I'll dig it all out for this!
  6. avatar Furious Tradesmen
    so's it's not just a big pile of three tales albums, we'll be selling the new heliopause e.p. at this, even though it's not out til the end of the month. eyo!
  7. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    So pissed off I am actually going to miss this. Haven't bought a decent amount of vinyl in nearly a month and have withdrawal syndrome.

    Someone should organise more record fairs.
  8. avatar rinky
    Stalls so far:

    Furious Tradesmen
    No Dancing
    Stitchy Press
    We Love Records
    Skinny Wolves
    Backbeat Records
    Pariah Child Zine
    Totally Wired Zine
    Bad Acid Zine

    Plus a load of local collectors - any others please get in touch so we can reserve a free table.
  9. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    I'd be up for this only the records I like, I want to keep, the ones I don't, I'm too embarssed to admit I bought in the first place...
  10. avatar Strong Reaction
    I'll have some second-hand punk rock and indie wax for sale. It's hard to part with, but I feel I need to trim things down a bit. :)
  11. avatar yodaISgreen
    and you can pick up your very own NOT SQUARES cassette (in a number of colours/covers)!
  12. avatar mrginger
    ive a feeling im gonna spend too much money this weekend
  13. avatar churchwarden
    That was fun (in a brought back horrifying memories of physics degree sort of way...)

    One of these is quality workmanship....

  14. avatar rentaghost
  15. avatar rinky
    Yeah, cheers to all who came down to flog or buy stuff - really great atmosphere today. Shame I couldn't get round chatting to many as I was (at one point, literally) glued to the guitar workshop area.

    Managed to pick up some great stuff though, Big Black (cheers Ian!), Talking Heads, Gram Parsons, Damo Suzuki and Tom Waits along with the aforementioned Not Squares cassette (top notch it is too).
  16. avatar boourns
  17. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Yeah, got some good finds at this, and some mittens for m'lady!
  18. avatar Baronation
    Was a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    Hope to this happen again.
  19. avatar distracted
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  20. avatar Strong Reaction
    Things like this should happen more often, that seemed to be the general consensus, so let's get organised! Great atmosphere, and something a bit different for an autumn afternoon.

    Well done.
  21. avatar yodaISgreen
    Very happy with my haul too - thanks to all those who took part(i.e. took my lunch money)
  22. avatar rinky
    [quote:20b9ec1749="Baronation"]Hope to this happen again.[/quote:20b9ec1749]
    [quote:20b9ec1749="Strong Reaction"]Things like this should happen more often[/quote:20b9ec1749]
    [quote:20b9ec1749="distracted"]Yes please, more of this sort of thing[/quote:20b9ec1749]

    Something may be worked out. Also, I'm planning another junk guitar workshop soon.
  23. avatar tinpot anto
    Can I vote for a drunk guitar workshop instead?
  24. avatar Strong Reaction
    Surely that's just one of your gigs? :o
  25. avatar tinpot anto
    No that's a Masterclass, not a workshop. :lol:
  26. avatar rinky
    [quote:cfc05777a7="Baronation"]Hope to this happen again.[/quote:cfc05777a7]
    [quote:cfc05777a7="Strong Reaction"]Things like this should happen more often[/quote:cfc05777a7]
    [quote:cfc05777a7="distracted"]Yes please, more of this sort of thing[/quote:cfc05777a7]

    As you wish: