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    [b:49a6f976e8]Dolbro Dan[/b:49a6f976e8]



    Dan returns to Common Grounds this week with his distinctive blend of acoustic folk and country rock.

    [i:49a6f976e8]'It's old music but it's actually new music - sounding like old music - but I like it!' [b:49a6f976e8]Gerry Anderson, BBC Radio Ulster[/b:49a6f976e8]

    'He can belt out a tune!' [b:49a6f976e8]George Jones, U105 Radio[/b:49a6f976e8]

    'Don't miss acoustic folk-minded Dolbro Dan whose musical maturity belies his tender years' [b:49a6f976e8]Patric Baird, Belfast Telegraph[/b:49a6f976e8]

    'Here's something quite spectacular and unexpected. Dan's songs are simple but effective strummers with charming self-referential ruminations. There's a great sense of self-deprecating humour and fun with a keen handle on when to play it entirely straight too' [b:49a6f976e8]Alternative Ulster[/b:49a6f976e8][/i:49a6f976e8]

    [b:49a6f976e8]Matt Regan[/b:49a6f976e8]



    A complete newcomer to the music scene who comes highly recommended by his friends up west, he lists his influences as childhood, Belfast streets and girls.

    Music Starts at 8pm

    Donations go to Barefeet Theatre Company
    Be there: Buy something substantial - it's miserable out there.
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    Matt Regan is indeed a friend of the boul Vals....get in there Matt! :-D Ya banjo picking demon!
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    does this mean I have to prepare the staff for assorted drunken wastrels on the premises?
  4. avatar rentaghost
    The night after Thursdayfest.

    Come down and relax on our sofas.
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  6. avatar rentaghost
    Here - your wee guy Matt regan has some interesting ideas going on there!
    Also some of Dolbro Dan's new stuff is really [u:53a2e86dda]really[/u:53a2e86dda] good.