1. avatar jcmcrunch
  2. avatar jcmcrunch
    Ok sorry to those who replied that i didnt get back to, my stupid aol deleted messages after they wer 7 days old ffs...and our drummer had an accident and was out for a lot of weeks there, but things are back to normal now...

    anyways we still dont have anyone for this so if anyone is willing to give it a shot, is available some evening for a quick audition, a practice before the gig and the gig itself then please get in touch.

    wud make some nice extra christmas money for sum1...
  3. avatar Squid-G
    i'll try!would be best if you gave me the set list to learn if im chosen to try though lol...refresh the old brain

    is there a prefered age bracket? im 20 so hopefully thats alright

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  4. avatar RedLikeCrimson
    Same from me, I'll give it a shot if your close to me...
  5. avatar Redfin
    where abouts are you based for auditions?
  6. avatar izzys_return
    Where are the gigs and whats the set? I'd be up for it i play in a band (we do origionals but I like covers lol)