1. avatar co1z
    im 20 years old

    i play bass guitar
    rythm guitar
    acoustic guitar
    i write my own songs
    i can sing

    i am currently looking for a band who are interested in rock, punk rock,or experamentl rock.

    local influences are: home star runner, steer clear, emily, the scream, fight sequence, ozznium
    influences are: you me at six, finch, NOFX,flogging mollys, red jumpsuit apperatus, foo fighters, bullet for my valentine, 30 seconds to mars,funeral for a friend, and so so much more

    if you would like to contact me do so by emailing me on

    colmcunningham@hotmail.co.uk "this is also my msn"

    contact me by email as im rarely on this and would like to get started asap as very keen

    thanks again