1. avatar rinky
    Bit of a long shot here, but would anyone have a Korg Polysix or a Roland Juno we could borrow or rent for the Creeping Nobodies gig as part of Oscillations on Thursday?

    Please help!
  2. avatar feline1
    well my Korg Polysix is in Brighton, so that's not much use,
    but if they just want to use presets on it rather than twiddle the knobs,
    bear in mind that Korg do a software VST polysix these days, which can be run on a laptop and played from a MIDI masterkeyboard...
  3. avatar feline1
    Alternatively, give them a DX7 and tut "look, we don't use old-fashioned gear like that in Northern Ireland any more."
  4. avatar rinky
    I was thinking more a series of volunteers painted white and black and laid out on the stage, honking in time as the band clambered over them.

    Really though, can *anyone* help with this?
  5. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Rocky has a Juno 106... If he's in the country :s
  6. avatar chrisjedijane
    I know John formerly of the Black Tokens has a Juno-106 (or maybe it's a 6, I can't remember). The guys out of Kinnego Flux have a Polysix too, but I don't have a contact for them.
  7. avatar rinky
    Thanks lads, Dublin promoter has now sorted them out with a synth for the tour so problem sorted!