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    [b:d2c7c3a548]ACP031 Same Actor - More And More Finite[/b:d2c7c3a548]

    Chris Cook is happy to make three new Same Actor pieces of music available through the Acroplane Net-Label. The three tracks on this EP come from the same paranoid, fragile world of sitar, guitar and software patches as his recent "The End of the Garden" EP on London label Disco_r.dance

    [b:d2c7c3a548]1. Kitchen Floor
    2. More And More Finite
    3. Fears Prioritised[/b:d2c7c3a548]

    Now available for free from http://www.acroplane.org

    Check out a preview track on the main Acroplane site's preview player.


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    gonna stop advertising tunes on here i think. waste of time innit. anyone still interested in this stuff just check acroplane.org every 2nd monday or join our mailing list on the site. http://www.acroplane.org