1. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    KnightsNight,9th October

    This Thursday, 9/10/8, Pavilion Bar, the Knights present...

    the return of the mighty SWANEE RIVER!!!

    with support from the mighty JACKSON CAGE!!!

    and also starring our old pals, the mighty TEN GALLON HAT!!!

    and a mightily good singer/guitarist set from EDELLE McMAHON

    plus all the usual mighty fun with PHAT LIP OPEN MIC

    Doors 8, Pavilion Bar

    Come on down and have yourselves a time!
  2. avatar anty
    lets have a might ole time

    love swanee so lets all have a good night of rick n roll
  3. avatar
    thats alot of mighty good music!
  4. avatar unplugged
    i just might go
  5. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
  6. avatar KeithC

    Cant wait for this :-D
  7. avatar PhatBob
    Just a wee reminder that any Open Mic performers get in free of charge at 8 and we're open to Performers, Singer/Songwriters, comdeians...rhyming, singing or otherwise.

    This'll probably be the last Thursday night Open mic so if you haven't taken your chance yet get down and give it a go!
  8. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Yeah, what he said!
  9. avatar mcflymo
    And a wee set from The Doctor of Lilty Laltiness!!


  10. avatar FifthLimbPromotions
    wee bump for tonight,
    weve been giggin/practicin like fuck building up to this so it should be a corker. jackson cage are great aswell, cant wait to hear them again!

  11. avatar FifthLimbPromotions
    sugar lumps, im on big marty skeets pac and he's logged in.

  12. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    [quote:4df1e77641="mcflymo"]And a wee set from The Doctor of Lilty Laltiness!![/quote:4df1e77641] :-D , Marty, I think that's your new EP title right there
  13. avatar doctorlilt
    Just thought I'd post this sketch of myself (and my hats) in full flow at the Pavilion...


    By Jamie Morton

    He seemed to be doing similar sketches for all the people playing that night. Pretty cool like.