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    We have a couple of rehearsal slots available Monday 6 to 8 and Friday 6 to 8

    We have a couple of recording slots left for October and are taking booking for November,December.

    Very Competitive rates

    Studio have just upgraded its front end and has some lovely new Microphones and other toys

    We have Wireless broadband and have Sky TV (sports etc.)
    Xbox and PC games (Crysis, Call of duty 4 etc.)

    Recent client list is listed on Myspace


    Music player will be updated soon

    Also new website coming soon

    Drop us a line on 07850652081

    or e: Ross@railwaystudios.com
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    Check out the latest Bad Boat tune 'Lonely Doom' recorded at Railway Studios here http://www.myspace.com/badboat
    Great work.[/url]
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