1. avatar Rory McConnell
  2. avatar kypp
    Bleh, not a fan of LaFaro really.

    Fighting With Wire are ok. But the thing that pissed me off with those guys is that the lead singer stopped in the middle of a gig I went to 'round New Years and told everyone to pep up and that they were "an emo band."

    That's a big no no in my books.
  3. avatar The Limelight
    Some very positive input in there kypp. I'm sure 95% of fastfude and music lovers will share your hatred for FWW and La Faro. taste the sarcasm there.

    Furlo have also been added to this bill. Club Destroid Djs after for a free club so come on and make a night of it.
  4. avatar the_doctor199
    Looking forward to this, tickets at the door?
  5. avatar Di Di Mau