1. avatar itsmysecretworld
    if double wonderful (michael hyland) reads this can he contact me urgently regarding the ticket for release the bats, just want to know either way if you still want it, if no answer by middle next week i'll prob look to sell it on, i've left tonnes of messages with no luck so come on mate, hurry up and answer, where have you disappeared to, lol? my email is rlddean@hotmail.com, cheers david
  2. avatar itsmysecretworld
    i mean this guy does exist, it wasn't just my imagination, right?
  3. avatar kypp
    Wait, are we talking about THE Michael Hyland? THE MICHAEL HYLAND?
  4. avatar kypp
    I know this guy by the way. I might see him tomorrow at work so I'll pass the message on.
  5. avatar itsmysecretworld
    cheers, yeah i guess it is the same michael hyland, can you tell him to give me a shout asap about the ticket for atp in london, i mean if he doesn't want the ticket fair enough just so he can let me know before i give it to someone else, thanks a lot, david