1. avatar pennydistribution
    Hi folks,

    I'm looking into local companies that provide merch. for bands and artists, including T-Shirts, Posters, Wall Decals, Badges, Record Bags, Snowglobes and Bobble-heads. (ok kidding on the last one, but only just!)

    A local company that could do ALL of these would be awesome, but unique artists who're willing and/or have experience in creating artist merch would be great too - Any thoughts?
  2. avatar Amz
    think black confetti in lisburn do the likes of the above:


    Never used them though.
  3. avatar rinky
    I make badges - gimme a shout: hi@rinky.org
  4. avatar confetti
    can't do the snow globes but the rest of it is no problem.
    email me on jacqui@blackconfetti.com
  5. avatar The Grace Jones
    Black Confetti are top notch on all fronts, good prices, quality, and fast turnaround. I recommend, highly.
  6. avatar pennydistribution
    black confetti it is, then! thanks guys!
  7. avatar confetti
    why thankyou GraceJones, we try our best. Just to let you know pennydistribution I have found out that I can do snow globes.