1. avatar jetblackturd
    My first post!
    It suddenly occurred to us that we need a lead guitarist.

    CRIKEY! What have we been doing all summer? Having our brains sucked out? Well NO MORE! We're coming to find you.

    I want a creative, who works hard. The boys just want someone who plays well and loves it.

    We have EXCELLENT contacts and are generally vee fabulous and fun.


    Listen to our newest songs, 'Ryan's Song' and 'Girl Fight'

    We're open to different styles so yr personal influences, whatever they are, are a bonus.

    You can PM or call me - 07779268632

    Are you out there? CALL NOW!

    love, Ros xx
  2. avatar drive by fader
    Hey unattached guitarists! I highly recommend that you give Ros a shout cos those Duchampions ones are hot-ass!
  3. avatar anty
    hi 23 guitarist id be interested in this

    gimme a shout back if you aint found anyone