1. avatar simon2008
    My first post!
    hi everybody, im new to this forum, and a relativly new keyboard player, just under a year now, and was just wondering, if there were any other keyboard players in NI. with an interest in jean michel jarre? , i am at present with a bare minium of kit, but it is suprising just what you can do these days with a midi master keyboard, amp, spreakers, and a pc, equipped with SONAR 4 sequencer software and synth emulation plugins...

    ok, so im wondering if there is anyone else into jarre's music, and would ,like me, be basically interested in starting a jean michel jarre tribute band?

    any thoughts??
    thanks simon.w
  2. avatar JTM
    I loved the heck out of Jarre when I was about 14, I still love all his older stuff.

    I reckon if you started off getting his sound down to a tee, then using it as a base to write some original stuff with a more modern edge, yeah.

    Or if you could throw in a few other old electronic bands tunes as covers, maybe. But I'd go with the first option personally. I'd love to hear some more tracks with that amazing phased keyboard sweep off Oxygene.
  3. avatar simon2008
    yeah thanks for that, nice idea, maybe ill give that a go.
    iv'e started learning some of his tracks, i went to see the guy in london at the docklands and loved the opening songs, industrial revolution, overture... so im working on those, and also, i love rendezvous, and oxygen also, so yeah maybe ill give your suggestion a try, thanks
  4. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Hey, I'm a keyboardist from Belfast. I absolutely love JMJ. Would be a great to perform some of his stuff live. email me at cdblackwell@gmail or [url]http://www.myspace.com/chrisblackwell[/url]
  5. avatar dodgi stereo

    of interest?