1. avatar korndog
    Basically I have broken the neck on my bass, is there anyone in Belfast who is capable of gluing it back together.

    It got stepped on with some force and snapped around the 3rd fret.

    Sad times indeed.
  2. avatar unplugged
    youd be cheaper buyin a new one

    kavanagh guitar parts are excellent.
  3. avatar wannabeflea
    It greatly depends on exactly where it's broken and if the truss rod has been bent/broken. Unfortunately it'll probably never be the same again. My wee bro has had some 'misfortune' with his guitars over the years and although they're always repaired to a playable state, they're not 100%. Is it anything special (stupid question as it's probably special to you)? If it's a Fender type bass you could pick up a replacement neck from Allparts/Warmoth/Ebay for a reasonable price.
  4. avatar korndog
    Truss rod is fine I think, it has split were two pieces of wood were joined for the head stock to be attached.

    It was nothin' overly expensive, but is quite rare. It's a epiphone rock bass, I've never seen one the same since I bought it eight years ago and it has done a fair few miles over the years.
  5. avatar wannabeflea
    That should be repairable then. Just find a good repair guy and it should be a glue job. Any damage to the fretboard?
  6. avatar korndog
    Well it has come away from neck a bit but don't think it's serious. Have got someone to look at it and it's lookin' good.