1. avatar CiaranC2004
    My first post!
    Hi all.
    I'm a illustrator currently based in portstewart. I Just wanted to get some feedback on my work,really need to know if its going in the right direction. All suggestions and criticisms welcome.
    Any one needing posters, album art or any kind of promotional material feel free to contact me.

  2. avatar CiaranC2004
    Sorry Forgot the address :(


    Thanks again
  3. avatar blonderedhead
    What you using to you create your art?

    To be honest with you, it reminds me of drawings out of a childrens book or something. It's good work but doesn't appeal to me entirely, although I'm sure someone else might love it
  4. avatar daveshorty
    yo... PM'd you
  5. avatar zebulon
    [/quote:df03bf2ca8]I'm loving this work. Fucking awesome lookin'!
  6. avatar Declan
    Excellent stuff...

    Came across this on the Channel 4 site...might be an opportunity.

  7. avatar aaronrossi
    Fooking excellent!!!

    I love it!
  8. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    really good style you have! Nice one!
  9. avatar T Entertainment
    Agreed :smt045
  10. avatar alrightthecaptain
    brilliant stuff!
  11. avatar huggy baps
    looks like a twisted kids book, but in a good way! Good stuff!
  12. avatar Scrooey McTavish
    Great stuff there!
  13. avatar remedy malahide
    Very good stuff dude! Keep 'er lit.
  14. avatar The Ronster
    Reminds me of the work of Maurice Sendak, which is officially No Bad Thing.

    I'd happily commission you to do artwork for us, if I had anything to pay you!