1. avatar Rich9
    hey folks,

    our good friend Kevin over at MP3Hugger.com has been kind enough to kick off the release of our album Loosely Based On Fiction by featuring opening track 'Kings Have Fallen' - download it at [url]http://mp3hugger.com/2008/09/escape-act-kings-are-fallen.html[/url]

    We're releasing all the tracks from the album through our online friends over the coming weeks, so please sign up to our mailing list for updates!

    we'll also keep this thread updated with further releases and news

    once all the tracks are out there, we'll be presenting a limited run of CD albums including individually numbered, hand made inlay cards.

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  2. avatar drive by fader
    Sounds great laddies! And that artwork is mentalistic!
  3. avatar dodgi stereo
    I got a copy the other day - well worth a listen.
  4. avatar pennydistribution
    seriously worth a listen - superb stuff!
  5. avatar Rich9
    hey folks, the next installment is here! Check out [url]http://boxsetgo.blogspot.com[/URL] to read Garrett's thoughts on Cabin Fever and to get yer hands on the track! :-)
  6. avatar Rich9
    hello again

    the third track from our album, Loosely Based On Fiction has been released this morning on Amuze.me grab it at [url]http://www.amuze.me/featured/escape-act-green/[/url]

    any comments are welcome!
  7. avatar Rich9
    phew! we're on track 4 already... grab Jupiter Storms from AU here: [url]http://iheartau.com/blog/free-escape-act-track[/url]

    we'd love to hear your comments!
  8. avatar Rich9
    hey folks... what better way to brighten your monday* than to check out our next tune 'Laid Open' released by Steven on the Key Notes blog!

    "It's a wonderful slice of indie pop which examines city life through the eyes of three Belfast boys."

    please check it out via http://www.escapeact.com

    also if you are about Belfast on Wednesday evening there'll be an Escape Act acoustic set at 7pm at Charlies Coffee Shop, Bradbury Place, its free in, and Patio Sounds and Cutaways will also be performing.

    thanks for listening :-)


    songs so far: [url]http://escapeact.bandcamp.mu[/url]

    * will also brighten your day Tuesday thru Sunday
  9. avatar goatboy
    So far, I'm really, really impressed and can't wait to hear more.

    It's also a pretty cool idea to release the tunes through music blogs, but at the same time, I can't wait to get the whole thing on CD!
  10. avatar Rich9
    cheers Goatboy, not long to wait now! fancy doing a remix?
  11. avatar Rich9
  12. avatar Rich9
    and another, this time 'Everyone Got Shot' from The Devil Has The Best Tuna....


    "They effortlessly straddle the jangling, punkish new wave of The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers ('God Says', 'Laid Open' and 'Jupiter Storms') and the more melodic harmonies Irish Americana (Irishcana?) of The Thrills ('Broken Chin' and 'Sullied Behave For The Moon'). "
  13. avatar Rich9
  14. avatar Rich9
    we might be several months from the initial release of our album, but interesting things keep happening.... This just in: [url=http://www.rocksound.tv]Rocksound[/url] have reviewed our album [url=http://escapeact.bandcamp.com/album/loosely-based-on-fiction]Loosely Based On Fiction[/url] in their latest issue, awarding it [b:8c94f391f0]8 out of 10[/b:8c94f391f0] and describing it as 'genuine, genuinely affecting stuff'!

    Look out for this issue to read the full review: