1. avatar fatterkin
    I'm looking to host a LAN party for my clan and friends from afar. PC's - 12-20 people max.

    For the last one we hired a room at the Welly park, it was a fair price and decent room but we weren't allowed any of our own food and had to drink from the bar all day so it got a bit pricey.

    Would you have any suggestions for a mid sized room with table access that may allow us to bring in a few beers? I was thinking maybe a practice room / crescent arts kinda idea but open to suggestions.

    Would need it 12pm-late :)
  2. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Hah, what Game/ Clan? The only local clan I've ever come across was "red penguins" or something like that on CS:S...
  3. avatar spirit of division
    There is an internet gaming place on the Lisburn Road I do believe...you could also try a few cafes etc...but I doubt they'be be keen on having you in over lunchtime...Black Box? You could get 200 of your mates in there!
  4. avatar christine@blick
    My first post!
    Hi I have recently been involved with setting up a creative industries organisation Blick Studios (www.blickstudios.org) on the Malone Road and one of the services we offer is affordable room hire, you can bring your own food and drink and we can be pretty flexible about opening hours, you can e-mail me on christine@blickstudios.org if you are interested and I can send you through some photos and prices or maybe arrange a visit
  5. avatar fatterkin
    We play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and a little CoD4/TF2

    We've hired the Gaming Cafe on the Lisburn Road before and its great, but the layout isnt really suitable for more than 10 people as the rest are split away from the main group and we prefer a boardroom layout so we can see / slag each other.

    Thanks Christine, i'll mail you shortly, Malone Rd is a good location :D