1. avatar rudedoodle
    It's been mentioned on here before,
    alcohol + our straight male band/gig-going boys
    + a camera = debauchery.

    Stuck in the house today with the 'flu I'm going through all my photos from the past three years to hoke out the evidence of this phenomenon.

    Would it surprise you that 1 out of ever 3 photo so far is that of Daz & Gogs??

    I shall post all the piccies on my livejournal later
  2. avatar rudedoodle
    Mark Reid is featuring heavily too, and more strangely, Waspboy.

    Actually the more and more of these photos I find, with varying degrees of wretchery, the more I fear what photos people have of me....

    So perhaps these won't go online! Edited by: rudedoodle at: 11/12/04 12:25 pm
  3. avatar rudedoodle
    By the way, Craig Debonair, this post does NOT mean I have given permission for the Helen/Claire at Jo's party photos to go on Fastfude.

    And any guys who want me to remove the photos once they go online, just gimme a wee email
  4. avatar WaffleyVersatile
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    I have pictures of Gogs kissing all of the members of Death Cab For Cutie. On the lips. Tenderly.
  6. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    have you found some way of photographing my wet-dreams?!
  7. avatar rudedoodle
    Boy love gallery includes members of-
    Dirty Stevie
    Roque Junior
    The Evangelists
    The Debonaires
    Red Sirus
    Iden Green
    Pocket Billiards
    Desert Hearts
    The Killing Spree
    Clone Quartet
    The Dangerfields

    As well as cameos from Iain the Beard, Roger 'Fastfude' Herbert (thanks to T-ents for sending me that one who Jenny Foxxx took I think?), T-Ents himself, Daz Craig, Gogs Waffley Versatile, Mark dirtyweed Reid.

    Anyone wanting their photo removed, email me!

    [url="http://www.livejournal.com/users/rudedoodle/"]Lovely, lovely boys[/url]
  8. avatar dazcraig
    Oh, for f*cks sake.
  9. avatar rudedoodle
    Do you want me to take your pics down?
  10. avatar dazcraig
    Nah, s'all good.
  11. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    This is by far the most disturbing.
  12. avatar Bloodbath Callaghan
    I only kiss women!
  13. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    I found another recent addition to the boy-love evidence pile:
  14. avatar T Entertainment
    "I only kiss women!"

    Jesus, man, that's so...[i]gay[/i].
  15. avatar xfirefishx
    It feels wrong to like those pictures so much.
    But I do.
  16. avatar thesneakybandit
    fuckin hell! i was expecting to have a laugh... never thought i'd be in there!
  17. avatar rudedoodle
    Therapy? Night

    Right behind my back too!

  18. avatar ensemblemaniac
    Some lovely looking women there.Any of them happen to be "on the shelf?"Email in my profile
  19. avatar T Entertainment
    And in the FF Post of 2005, I think we have an early winner.
  20. avatar Pete
    And I thought the safe money was on young Mackle