1. avatar Davy Cho
    Yo ho folks,

    SKYPILOT will be officially releasing our debut album MONUMENT with a gig in Katy Dalys, Belfast on Saturday 27th September. Also rocking out for your pleasure will be the rock-tacular Dutch Schultz. There will be riffs for all and possibly some to spare...

    Katy Dalys, Ormeau Ave
    Saturday 27th Sept 08
    Doors 3.30pm

    See you lot there \m/


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  2. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    i like the fact that this gig starts at the very rock time of 30pm. the devils hour?
  3. avatar Davy Cho
    Yes sir \m/

    Fix-a-rooed now. 3.30pm.

    A fine afternoons drinking right there.

  4. avatar adi.feud

    hopefully get down to this and get my grubby little mits on a copy
  5. avatar Davy Cho
    There'll be a copy there, waiting on your grubby little mitts sir.

    Yee haw!
  6. avatar jackalfeud
    expect a wee order from me later this week. loving those tunes on myspace guys, seriously great work.
  7. avatar jackalfeud
    Got this in the door today and might I say, its been playing since I put it on at noon. 'Monument' - very fitting name for the album...well done boyos.
  8. avatar goatboy
    Totally forgot about this.

    Just placed an order. Can't wait to hear it.
  9. avatar Davy Cho
    Cheers for the kind words lad, we'll have to rock out with Jackalfeud some time. We've threatened to, but it hasn't happened yet eh? Glad you like our baby! \m/

    Goaty, yours is in the post in the morning.

    Had a bit of a run of orders over the past week...

    The word is spreading! \m/

  10. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    Good album squires. But sure you knew that I know that I thought that anyway, you know.
  11. avatar goatboy
    [quote:03ccd3877b="Davy Cho"]
    Goaty, yours is in the post in the morning.

    Cheers Davy. It arrived on Friday, I think, but I'm just getting round to having a proper listen now and it's fucking awesome. Thanks again.

    The personal note was also a nice touch. I'm definitely keen to help out with a gig over here in the new year if you're over on the mainland. I think I've the perfect support band for you guys too!