1. avatar gerry norman
    Hey folks,

    I'm starting a new acoustic gig in Charlies Coffee Shop 58 Bradbury place, Belfast running on Wednesday evenings from 6-8. The aim of the event is to create an intimate setting with good sound system supplied by guitar emporium and atmosphere to encourage new and old acts to perform. Audience will have to be silent during the gig as this is a gig run by an artist for the artist kinda thang. You don't have to be a seasoned pro to play just send in a demo to:

    Gerry The Blue Berry,
    Charlies Coffee Shop,
    58 Bradbury Place,
    BT9 1RU

    ...for a chance to play. Money wont be great but its a good way to promote yourself/band or even get that first gig out of the way. There will be special guests from time to time including the best local talent. Anyone interested PM me or send in a demo.

    I'm looking for original acts but it's always good to throw in a couple of covers to keep everyone interested but by 'cover' I don't mean Oasis it's more of a Jeff Buckly, Dylan , Damo Rice sort of evening if ya's get me.

    Any questions??

  2. avatar gerry norman
    Ok so the first gig has been confirmed for this Wed 17th Sept 6-8pm featuring:

    Allan McGreavy (We Shoot Stars)
    Darren Doherty (Tapasia)

    It's gonna be a Bring Your Own Wine thing with a couple of quid charge for corkage but nothing serious. I would highly recommend bringing lots of wine as I don't wana be the only one drunk.

    I will be introducing the artists on stage and abusing load people :)
  3. avatar goatboy
    [quote:9932e3ccee="gerry norman"]It's gonna be a Bring Your Own Wine thing with a couple of quid charge for corkage but nothing serious.[/quote:9932e3ccee]

    Couple of quid corkage? You could get a bottle of bloody wine for that!
  4. avatar gerry norman

    it's a free gig and an option to drink alcohol at a coffee shop which is not licensed to sell alcohol. would you prefer if we just gave out free wine then? I could ask the boss.
  5. avatar luke
    nice one gerry, we'll all be down to support this!
  6. avatar The enfant terrible
    [quote:f58c0bdf28="luke"]nice one gerry, we'll all be down to support this![/quote:f58c0bdf28]

    I won't. (Because I've prior engagements, not because of some corkage harrumph).
  7. avatar gerry norman
    Cheers Luke it's perfect for acoustic gigs and Belfast could do with this. Maybe the PK's could special guest sometime?

    The enfant terrible it's a weekly gig so hopefully you'll get to one eventually.

    Spread the word I'm also looking for established acts to play.

    Oh, and corkage will be a lot cheaper than the price of a bottle of wine. Actually we don't have any wine glasses but we do, however, have plenty of straws.
  8. avatar icedcoffee
    I like the sound of this. Will get back to you on it.
  9. avatar gerry norman
    Cool it'd be nice to get some pics. Im setting up a myspace which will have vids, pics and all that jizz.
  10. avatar goodonpaper
    Sounds great, great excuse to visit this "Charlies Coffee Shop" everyone talks about ...
  11. avatar gerry norman
    Large americano??
  12. avatar Emer
    Hey Gerry how's it going? I would love to play... here is my myspace page have a listen (www.myspace.com) and let us know what you think.


  13. avatar Rosshunter
    This will be awesome!
  14. avatar gerry norman
    Hey emer can you send that myspace address again?

    Ross you make me moist.
  15. avatar Christopher
    Hi Gerry,

    It's great to hear about another venue for acoustic gigs.

    I was at Ludwig's Sunday Night Acoustic Session in White's Tavern. I met Emer when having a chat with Del Halligan. She mentioned your new venue.

    I'm not a musician but repost details of events on a number of sites on which I'm registered.

    I've posted details of your first event on the Calendar on www.belfastforum.co.uk

  16. avatar rentaghost
    Good luck with this - particularly with getting the audience to stay silent if they are loading up on wine.
  17. avatar gerry norman
    Ha I know it'll be a nightmare but I'll try my best. Wana give the artist a chance to play in front of people who actually wana listen so fingers crossed. Still to get to a CG gig but will v.soon.

    Cheers for that Christopher it's not often that sort of stuff happens so cheers for your help. Hope you can get down at some stage.
  18. avatar gerry norman
    ok so the first ever line-up for the world famous Madam George Acoustic Session @ Charlies is....

    Rory + friends (Sparks Fly)
    Darren Doherty (Tapasia)
    Alan McGreavy (We Shoot Stars)

    Tomorrow evening 6-8pm

    Coffee and food available before and after performances.
    Bring your own wine (bucky) and we shall open it and provide a cheap glass.
    Sound system kindly sponsered by the Belfast Guitar Emporium.
    PM me if your looking to play.

    Hope see you there,
  19. avatar Musica
    I would really like to perform at Charlies.

    I'm just new on the scene and do my own stuff.

    Myspace is: myspace.com/cathymoorehead

    If you wanted to get a better feel for my music (as my songs have not been recorded professionally yet) I would be very happy to come down with my guitar so you could hear a song or two in person.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  20. avatar Jadams

    I'm one of those original singersongwriter acoustic guitar type performers, you can hear some demos up on www.myspace.com/jadamsadams or else www.bebo.com/jadamsmusic

    I'd really love to play in Charlies sometime, if your interested I'd be thrilled to hear from you!

  21. avatar Scrooey McTavish
    We ( www.myspace.com/sparksflyni ) just played in Charlie's there. Twas superb, very intimate as Gerry had planned, hats off to you. Crowd, yes crowd, were very receptive and didn't talk over the acts.

    5/5. Give it a go.
  22. avatar Stevie Mac
    I'd be up for it

  23. avatar yodaISgreen
    Couldnt make it but its a nice idea - howd it go?
  24. avatar Christopher
    Hi Gerry,

    That was a great gig. I went on to the Black Box where Brendan Quinn and Henry McCullough were playing.

    This is a great thread for finding new friends for my MySpace page.

    I sent a message to Andy Train telling him about these Wednesday gigs and he replied that he'd get down to meet you.

    I also sent a message to Ruth McGonagle but haven't received her reply.

    Who's playing next Wednesday?

  25. avatar gerry norman
    Thanks to Sparks Fly, Darren and Alan for a greats night entertainment I was so happy with it especially that it was the opening night. I really think this can kick off and be a big part of the music scene in belfast. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone respected the artists and stayed completely silent (until the uproars after the songs). All the bottles of Buckfast on the tables drank in wine glasses was a sight to behold. Next week we have:

    Ian Rockville
    Mark Autorun
    Matt Regan

    cant wait. I've got Mike Mojo Fury/Clown Parlour, Ian A Plastic Rose, John Gribbon, Omar Tapasia (percussion) and a few more ready for action. Get down and sample the atmosphere.

    Thanks again Christopher for spreading the word, I hope to see you again on Wed.

    oh, if your in a local band drop your cd into Charlies were gonna play as much local music as possible on the stereo. BIG HUGE thanks to the Belfast Guitar Emporium who went totally out of their way to set up the sound (which is a bit class you gotta see this set up).

  26. avatar ebs93
    check your pm
  27. avatar gerry norman
    no pm from u I'm afraid. Send it again.

    6pm tonight doods :)
  28. avatar shoothedonkey
    My first post!
    [i:20d61aaec6]hey man we we are lookin to organise a few acoustic gigs over the nexr few weeks and from the previous posts your last night in sep. sounded pretty good![/i:20d61aaec6]

    Me and my buddy are in an acoutic 2 piece (shoot the donkey) and play some of our own stuff along with a lot of the stuff you mentioned in your fist post.

    Lemme know what you think sure
    Cheers :D