1. avatar weston!
    Hey... this is awkward already :D

    Basically I wanna see the Kings of friggin Leon but all tickets are sold out. However, after thorough inspection of the ticketmaster website i saw that there are wheelchair tickets available. :twisted:

    Now here's the good part.

    If any of you are or know a wheelchair-bound individual and want to see Kings of Leon, in my state of desperation [b:27fd858d73]I am willing to buy your ticket[/b:27fd858d73] for you, on the condition that I am the one person you take to escort you (only one extra person allowed)

    It's not really exploitation, see. That's the deal, take it or leave it:)!

    If you are interested, or if you just want to call me a number of varyingly offensive names, drop me a line!
  2. avatar confetti
    there will more than likely be a few extra tickets closer to the date, just keep an eye out for them.
  3. avatar 10rapid
  4. avatar weston!
    lmao i would go with him, its that bad

    cheers guy who wrote 2nd post can't remember yo name!! I'll keep an eye out like but they'll probably have inflated in price. Cheers anyway! Please, there must be someone on this site!
  5. avatar 10rapid
    there will be ones that come up. keep your eye out on this site...it's a big show but people will always have other stuff on. I have two tickets but it's my wedding anniversary and I'm vetoed. I think my mate wants them but if not i'll let you know
  6. avatar anty
    if they are not seated ill buy em :-D
  7. avatar confetti
    I meant on ticketmaster, there were about 150 tickets on sale yesterday for nickelback and it has been sold out for ages. If you don't get sorted soon pm me and i will put your name on my list if any come up i will give you a shout. Alternatively I could break both your legs, and you could get your own wheelchair :lol:
  8. avatar weston!
    aw awesome thanks confetti... also thanks other guy but i'll wait a while to see if any come up. However did you know its only like a tenner to rent a wheelchair for a week? :twisted: lmao
  9. avatar Gogs
    Rent one, sit in it, buy a ticket, get a mate to wheel you into the gig.
  10. avatar Aceley
    [quote:ae65e6b231]If any of you are or know a wheelchair-bound individual and want to see Kings of Leon[/quote:ae65e6b231]

    dude, fair play! :) can't see that as a bad thing at all
  11. avatar weston!
    lmao thanks :-D im surprised theres no hate mail here... everyone must be as sick as me here:D