1. avatar The Onset
    THE ONSET[/b]
    Wednesday [b]11th May[/b]
    Doors: 9pm; Adm: £2
    *[i]Free Tequila Shot[/i]
    DJ Sets from Jonny Tiernan and Rory McConnell
    Come on. It'll be clawwss.

    [i]Jusqu'ici tout va bien[/i]
  2. avatar T Entertainment
    "So far, so good..."
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  3. avatar The Onset
    Haha, yes you little francophone you, what can I say, you're a very cultured man T-enty...well...either that or you have been frequenting www.freetranslation.com...
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    I had no idea what it means, it's the opening lines of La Haine while the petrol bomb is falling, innit.
  5. avatar xfirefishx
    What does La Haine have to do with TVR and The Onset again? Out of interest! Great film though...
  6. avatar T Entertainment
    It's just that The Onset look really, really like the stars of La Haine (see Onset pic above).
  7. avatar The Onset
    ....so just very cultured then.....

    MMMmmmm perhaps the real question is 'what doesn't it have to do with it?'....the mal-handling of French immigration problems by the French Government, the alienation of immigrants in modern day Paris, the failure of "[i]les banlieues[/i]" (Really ballix estates), the brutal corruption of the police, the inherent racism of French institues....all these topics, and more, will be addressed.*

    Or in other words, it has feck all to do with GIANT. I grabbed this delightful photo to add some colour. Although I had hoped, in my own little way, that people would think this is what TVR/ The Onset actually look like, and then be flabbergasted and head down for the evening.

    However, I did not take into account, the wit and intellect that daily surrounds me on this board, and I have been suitably shamed, and exposed as some form of false advertising, copyright infringing Sexyboy**...normal Saturday afternoon then...

    *if you approach me at anytime during the evening I would be more than happy to address/discuss these at length, just so as you get your money's worth and all that...and so as I haven't falsely advertised in vain.

    **a Sexyboy would be someone who "sexes" things up, like dossiers, and things like thon.
  8. avatar T Entertainment
    I was just being a smart @#%$. No change there.
    But yes I have been waiting to see the frigging Onset again for over 2 years now!
  9. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    In thon photo, one of them looks like Steven Gerrard on glue.

    Great photo no matter. Hard as f##k.
  10. avatar xfirefishx
    Well, I look forward to having this in depth discussion about La Haine with you then. I definitely want to get my money's worth (a free shot of tequila just ain't enough). In French maybe?
  11. avatar Jonny Tiernan
    I am pleased you have chose a La Haine image to plug the night David - good work. It's funny, I was just talking this morning about how I might buy it on DVD.

    Without wanting to turn this into a movie debate, has any one ever saw Irreversible? It stars Vincent Cassel as well and is superb (some of the scenes are tough going though).
  12. avatar The Onset
    Haha, french and french films are my life, although I havenae seen thon one you speak of Jonny, sounds brutal. Talking of brutal "Baise-Moi" is one hardcore f*ck, meaning "rape me".

    xfirefishx i would love a conversation in french, it would make my night, we could then proceed to walk round, look down our noses and act like pompous f*cks...splendid.

    "come to rorys firefly"
  13. avatar um david
    Irreversible is a great movie. Made me feel like I was having the experience of watching a movie for the first time. Wasn't neccesarily the most 'enjoyable' of experiences but definitely something I'd recommend to anyone with a strong constitution. I think because it's so bloody visceral. Anyone who reckons they're desensitised (like I did) should check it out.

    La Haine is class an' all.

    Whereas Base-Moi is simply @#%$. Utter Bollocks.

    Oh yeah, this gig should be rather goodly methinks. Lookin' forward to checking out The Onset for the first time.
  14. avatar um david
    oh and by 'checking out The Onset' I mean the band there, not the Fastfude user.... :|

    anyone seen my coat?
  15. avatar T Entertainment
    Baise-moi is exploitative sh*te. Very nasty wee film, actually.
    The high point of French cinema for me is La Jetee by Chris Martin. *sighs*
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  16. avatar xfirefishx
    Baise-Moi... I liked parts of it. A lot of it was trying too hard to be contraversial.
  17. avatar The Onset
    yeh it [Baise-moi] was just f*ckin brutal, and explotative...how about Delicatessen?? Nikita?? a few other Luc Besson films are fantastic, The Big Blue, Subway....even the fith element had its moments.

    Um David...you can check me out anytime (especially at Laverys)....ehhh....taxi for Browne....yeh cheers....

    I really shouldn't drink.
  18. avatar Jonny Tiernan
  19. avatar tinpot anto
    On a wierd coincidence re-watched 12 monkeys there at the weekend and noticed for the first time that is based on the movie "La Jetee" so I decided that it should be watched.

    Anybody know where's to get a copy?
  20. avatar thesneakybandit
    is there still that video place up the ormeau road that does a lot of foreign/rare/random stuff?
  21. avatar Jonny Tiernan
    The Belfast Film Library.

    Yep, where coincidentally enough I rented La Haine from at the weekend.

    You should be able to get La Jetee online? One of my friends had it shown to people as part of her psychology thesis. I can't remember the exact premise, but it was to do with the relationship between that and Twelve Monkeys.
  22. avatar T Entertainment
    I've got it on VHS, must acquire on DVD. The soundtrack is utterly sublime.
    I honestly think La Jetee is one of cinema's greatest moments. Stumbled on it wasted with a friend at about 5.30 on a Sunday morning at random having had our ears pricked up by a Twelve Monkey reference from the announcer. Couldn't quite believe what I'd witnessed. It's shot almost entirely in stills, and Jesus you want every single one framed and on your walls.


    See this film. Seriously.
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  23. avatar T Entertainment
    Just got this from Amazon for eight notes:


    It actually doesn't seem right paying so little.
  24. avatar tinpot anto
    I tracked one of those down to HMV in Rushmere, so I'll be Calling there before home tonight
  25. avatar T Entertainment
    It's one of those things I'd love erased from my memory so I could experience seeing it again for the first time.
    It helps if you're, like, relaxed. By which I mean not anxious or stressed. Obviously.
    The soundtrack is quite liderally beautiful.
  26. avatar tinpot anto
    You mean [i]wasted off your bake[/i] don't ye?

    Message recieved and understood
  27. avatar T Entertainment
    I prefer 'baked off your waste' But yes.
  28. avatar PaulMaks
    Should I go to this or the Empire people...?? I know the empire should be an indie affair tonight - what can I expect at this???????

    Paul MAKs
  29. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    save yer money till tomorrow night, and get funky with the dirt.
  30. avatar PaulMaks
    Yes im going to that, as if Im gonna miss DS!!! I dare say i wont be getting to funky however...

    Paul MAKs
  31. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    Bring yer strap-on!
  32. avatar PaulMaks
    Would that be to play along or for the craic?

    Someone enlighten me as to what music will be on show tonight?? are we talkin rock/indie/pop/metal?? I have a girlfriend with a very, em, 'light' should I say ear for music...

    Paul MAKs Edited by: PaulMaks at: 11/5/05 3:33 pm
  33. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    Purely to amuse me.
  34. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Emo boys like being amused and aroused by strap on's.

    Don't they Gogs?
  35. avatar PaulMaks
    I'll think about it... it doesnt like to leave the barn unless its being plugged in.

    Paul MAKs
  36. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    [quote]Emo boys like being amused and aroused by strap on's. [/quote]

    I can't speak for everyone but I know *I* like it.
  37. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    [quote]I'll think about it... it doesnt like to leave the barn unless its being plugged in.[/quote]

    Smitty'll plug it into his @#%$, sure.
  38. avatar thesneakybandit
    music tonight in the empire will be something like this...

  39. avatar T Entertainment
    David Onset - check your email please. Ta.
  40. avatar Jonny Tiernan
    Torgas Valley Reds are glorious indie pop.

    I'd say they're not unlike Bryan Adams
  41. avatar PaulMaks
    Oh its them!!!!!!

    Paul MAKs
  42. avatar The Onset
    What to expect tonight...well not black metal or emo certainly....not Bryan Adams...nor Melanie C...emmmmm...

    I'm not going to play the "see how many people I can entice by stating to them the literally life-changing advantages of GIANT tonight" card, but we would absolutely love you all to come, have a drink*, a chat*, a free shot*, see a new band*, and have a laugh*.

    *Spot the contradictions.
  43. avatar thegingeritalian
    if you're at queens or know someone who is you can get it from the main library... la jetée that is