1. avatar GreenEyedLady
    Anybody else going this year?
  2. avatar barrypeak
    think you missed it.
  3. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    I was at it this year and I have no idea how people enjoy it without some kind of guide. Thankfully I have a friend in Dallas who had a pretty good grasp on all things going on. The majority of the things I enjoyed the most were the secret gigs and all the house shows which would be impossible to find otherwise : /
  4. avatar JonnyTiernan
    I was there this year and to be honest I had a great time just checking out the standard shows that were in the programme. I'm sure there is awesome stuff going on that is more secret, as dOUBLE says above, but even without that it's still a superb experience on multiple levels.

    Not sure if I would go over to it as a regular punter though, unless you are totally minted. It can be a very expensive venture. However, if you can combine it with a business element it's outstanding.

    There is a blog about SXSW over on the old AU Blog - [url]http://www.iheartau.blogspot.com[/url]
  5. avatar GreenEyedLady
    Thanks, Jonny.
  6. avatar T Entertainment
    The early registation / hotel offers bumph came through my letterbox last week, so if you're interested in going next year it's not too early to make inquiries.