1. avatar j0ed
    A good mate of ours, Desi Cush tragically died in May 1999. Every year we have a memorial gig for him, and all the money we make goes to the I.C.U. in the City Hospital. It's always a cracker night so get down to the Front Page, get blocked, support a good cause & remember the Des!

    Runnin' Riot
    Decoy 47
    1000 Drunken Nights
    Half Cut
    DJ Colin Riot

    Front Page,
    Thurs 12 May,
    Doors 8pm £4 Edited by: j0ed at: 4/5/05 1:20 pm
  2. avatar caro1yn
    jeez, that time again already? cripes.
  3. avatar j0ed
    Yup, its Desi's sixth anniversary this year. Yis should head down for a wee while, it'll be a geg!
    Colin's doin cds for it & I'm rafflin a big bear*!

    *not big Colin, ya can have the fat cnut for nothin! :lol
  4. avatar j0ed
    Tomorrow nite yis fruits! :D