1. avatar upyerbum
    you deserve a night out!!
    all profits going to cancer research and MS.
    Pure 80's Prom ( last chance for a slow dance)
    Pavillion Tavern.

    Lovely carol (howl) is djing.
    get your glad rags on.
    if you're dancin...i'm askin
  2. avatar the er
    ohhh the pressure to find the perfect prom date and dress

    i feel very john hughes movie t the mo, tho sumhow i dont think a charlie sheen/emilio estevez brat pack type if gonna whisk me off on his motorcycle/get me out of detention
  3. avatar upyerbum
    calling all bratpackers, lost boys, mark ruffallos,
    donnie walburgs,

    get down to the prom. pronto