1. avatar tinpot anto
    Enjoyed this pair a lot on Saturday in the CAC, and it is obvious why they are getting a lot of gigs/press attention - because they are quite obviously very good.

    Sort of an Air/SFA kind of laid back lounge-funk vibe that's really commercial and will get them a lot of followers.

    Apologies to the guys for not having the energy to say this to their faces but I was ready to collapse after that gig so i wasn't worth sh*t for a conversation.

    Cheers for the sound Rocky
  2. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    here nevermind oppenheimer (no offence like, I seen ye's last week and I've already got over your classness)


    Now that blew me away. The songs were class too.
  3. avatar AngelaMOK
    Aaaah, THAT'S who was playing on sat! They were practicing really loudly when I was in a dance class in the next room and we couldn't hear our lovely tunes. sounded class though