1. avatar rentaghost31
    Lucky for some!

    Be there, buy cake

    Geoff Gatt will be there with his ukelele and other wonders. Hopefully he will be playing some songs from his forthcoming musical 'Hippos in the Shower'
    S'Gottabomb get all experimental with acoustic music. I'm not quite sure what to expect, other than it will be ace!

    Admission is free
    Suggested donation £1

    (Thanks to John Cairns and Dave McNair for last nights gig - we raised £40 in donations alone for our current charity, the Forbes Reef School in Swaziland.)
  2. avatar Telefan1
    I'm so looking forward to this
  3. avatar jenniemcc
    I can pretty much guarantee that yes indeedy Geoff will play some of the Hippos songs.

    Expect cheeky little songs and a lot of good quality entertainment
  4. avatar rentaghost31
    Hurrah! I'm really excited about this Friday. I'm hoping it'll be aceness on a stick
  5. avatar zebulon
    Come one come all.
    All the fun of the fair!

    Check some s'gottabomb tunes here: [url="http://www.sgottabomb.com"]tuneage[/url]