1. avatar Seamusmaguidhir
    Hi, welcome to the Wonderland Promotions Newsletter

    23 August 2005

    Following the success of last August’s Tennent’s ViTal, headlined by
    The Darkness and The White Stripes in Belfast’s Botanic Gardens,
    Tennent’s ViTal has confirmed Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand, Maroon 5 and
    Jem are just some of the fantastic names that will play this years two
    day event!

    For online bookings and more information visit:


    with a bit of luck that'll mean the pixies can play the night before they've a free slot anyway!
    let's all pray! Edited by: Seamusmaguidhir at: 9/5/05 3:40 pm
  2. avatar smittennn
    Maroon 5??? Jesus WEPT!!! >:
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    What a God-awful line-up.

    So far. Edited by: T Entertainment at: 9/5/05 4:10 pm
  4. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    is there anything good happening in Dublin round that date? Maybe we'll get the Pixies coming up. Is it round then?
  5. avatar Dave Reckoning
    Yes, it would be nice if the Pixies were on an Irish festival bill this time round, so fans don't have to fork out again to see them support some enormo-band instead. It's hardly in anyone's interest to leave a band like the Pixies off a festival bill in favour of that type of support slot, is it?
  6. avatar goodonpaper
    Oh shiote.

    ViTal was fantastic last year - at least the White Stripes day was, if you'll excuse Peaches - but this is looking to be a complete sham. Worst part is, I applied to work at it before the lineup was announced – acting in good faith that they’d have at least a few semi-decent bands - so I may be forced to go.
  7. avatar playennui
    Thats awful, really awful, what is the music world coming to, who thought 'Lets get the Scissor Sisters & Maroon 5?', the fuckwits should be sacked, stripped, stripped of their skin, covered in lemon juice and roasted.
  8. avatar xfirefishx
    Yeah - looking at it, I'm surprised at the band choices... it's very Party In The Park. It's very...pop, very uncool but I'm actually more tempted by this one than I was by last years!
  9. avatar mark lanegan
    that is one hell of a @#%$ line up. although anything beats those spandex wearing sqealing cunts the darkness!
  10. avatar cyclone 772
    scissor sisters may be poppy, but they're brilliant live - even put on a good show in the king's hall.

    there's no excuse for maroon5 however.

    now pixies and kings of leon for day 2 would do nicely.
  11. avatar Captain Yesterday
    Typical of this country.

    Anyone notice last week's Radio One Big weekend in Sunderland I think with Foo Fighters & Athlete?

    Who did we get in Derry last year?

    Ash and @#%$ Avril Lavigne...

    *waits for anti-Foos/Athlete backlash*
  12. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    Gurantee it sells out in a very short space of time... mainly to 30 somethings* mind. Pity though as the line ups from the begining have always been good till now. But nothing ever lasts forever right?

    We also got Faithless in Derry who are a great band and franz ferdinand(not a great band but still ) last year too, did we not?

    *Not the cast of the hit TV show "30 somethings"
  13. avatar cyclone 772
    derry wasn't a [i]bad[/i] line-up, but they have expanded the whole 'one big weekend' thing now anyway to more stages and made it into more of a 'festival' type thing.
  14. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I am scundered for Belfast, with thon line up. :o
  15. avatar Captain Yesterday
    Well said.
  16. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    Rumoured that pixies and kings of leon on night 2 of this.

    If this is true i reckon a few ppl may be happy.

    Just rumours mind.
  17. avatar namelessnow
    In a perhaps horrible coincidence, that line-up all feature in my mate's CD collection. Suffice to say we didn't become friends through shared music tastes. (Though I did see the Scissor Sisters at the King's Hall, who were ok, but I was sick at the time, so it was quite a painful experience.)

    Also, isn't it a really badly kept secret that Pixies WILL do the other date, or is that just me being very optomistic?
  18. avatar Seamusmaguidhir
    as I was saying The Pixies have a free slot the night before AND the night after, but I can't see them playing Belfast and then shipping out to France for the next night, the more obvious night would be the Monday giving them a few days of respite after playing Portugal to get over here to entertain the masses

    AUG 17
    paredes de coura festival
    paredes de coura, portugal

    AUG 23
    landsdowne road
    dublin, ireland
    AUG 25
    festival rock en seine
    domaine national de saint-cloud, france

    AUG 26
    carling weekend: reading festival
    reading, england
  19. avatar Pete
    I'm going to go against the grain of the backlash here and say that I would personally look forward to seeing both the Scissor Sisters AND Maroon 5

    That maroon 5 album is my hidden, guilty little secret of last year. It's full of melody, well arranged, well produced and very catchy. It's only pop music but I like it.

    Nurse, I'll have my medication now
  20. avatar xfirefishx
    I agree. There are some nice wee tracks on it.
  21. avatar tenrabbits
    [quote]ViTal was fantastic last year - at least the White Stripes day was, if you'll excuse Peaches[/quote]

    Actually.. I thought she WAS the highlight. I got bored of the white stripes after the 20th song of squealing over a blues riff.
  22. avatar deadman MBE
    Underworld are at thon Bud Rising thing down south around that time too, although i'll not be holding my breath for them to play Vital given the state of that line-up so far.
  23. avatar tenrabbits
    [quote]Underworld are at thon Bud Rising thing down south around that time too[/quote]

    I would personally kiss all of the viTal team if they got Underworld. On the ar5e if necessary.

    Amazing live act... most indie/rock bands could learn something from dance bands like em.. Edited by: tenrabbits  at: 10/5/05 2:35 pm
  24. avatar Wasp Boy