1. avatar dazcraig

    It's back again! Come down and celebrate the end of exams!!

    If you have any requests, you can post them on the nodancing forum at http://www.nodancing.co.uk Edited by: dazcraig at: 9/5/05 7:21 pm
  2. avatar xfirefishx
    People will be delighted to note that each band is mentioned only once in the flyer :P
  3. avatar dazcraig
    Haha, yeah - I think I have it sussed now
  4. avatar boyinept
    meh. i was getting used to finding them - it was like, tradition or smth. and a bad excuse not to attend!
  5. avatar namelessnow
    Best Flyer Yet. And it's just before my birthday, which is good, but also, unfortunately, before the end of my exams.
    Which is bad.
  6. avatar thesneakybandit
    open EVERY wednesday in july/august!