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    Howdy folks,

    HOWL Records has swung back into action with our second release. It’s the debut CD from [b]Panda Kopanda[/b] called [b]The Letting Go EP[/b]. It's a 5 track little thing and also contains the video to the title song (www.chewiefilms.com). You can find out more about the band at [url="http://www.pandakopanda.com"]www.pandakopanda.com[/url]

    To celebrate this, we're having a launch gig in [b]The Pavilion Bar[/b], Belfast on [b]May 20th[/b]. The show will of course feature Panda Kopanda and we're delighted to also announce special guests [b]The Rags[/b] who'll be up from Dublin for the night [url="http://www.therags.com"]www.therags.com[/url] The gig kicks off at 10pm and there'll be HOWL DJs until 1am to finish the celebrations. Admission is £5 and the EP will be available to buy on the night.

    HOWL Records presents
    Panda Kopanda EP launch gig
    With special guests The Rags
    Friday 20th May
    Pavilion Bar, Belfast
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