1. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    My first post!
    I'm in a music collective who gets bands that are not getting gigs or they are only starting of or if they just want a gig, a gig.

    For more information on this contact Walpurgis at bewareofthefishys@hotmail.com. Only bands from Belfast should apply for this as the venue is in Belfast.

    The venue is the Menagerie

    New gig dates confirmed. check out www.welpurquis.50megs.com the storys and gigs page. towards the bottom. The bands playing at a date will be put on to let you know if theres any slots left. After you pick a sutible date contact me. bewareofthefishys@hotmail.com

    Ps. No Bands Will Be Getting Paid For Performing. AS this is only to help your band get known. Edited by: bewareofthefishys2004 at: 8/5/05 11:14 am
  2. avatar culchiepunker
    whats the venue?
  3. avatar spirit of division
    [quote]No Bands Will Be Getting Paid For Performing. AS this is only to help your band get known. [/quote]

    Even if you make money?
    If you do and you don't pay anyone - what's the money to be used for?
  4. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    And err...
    What's the name of the music collective?
    Just curious as you seem to be doing something similar to myself.
  5. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    well the thing does get money but most of it is used to pay the venue for letting us use the hall and thats not cheap,this is being done to help bands not for us to make money, also the sound guy gets paid. Then with the money that is left over (which isn't alot) It gets used to get leaflets printed for the next gig the [b]Cliftonvile Music Collective[/b] is putting on and also to buy new equipment for the bands to use.
  6. avatar Gripper Magee
    Any chance of more info for the Cliftonville Music Collective as I live in the area maybe I could join ?
  7. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    Well to fine out more about the collective you would need to go to the community centre on manner street and ask for Paul on a sunday around 1 to 6 pm.
  8. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    How about you get something up online, instead of your offer of trekking up the CVR on a Sunday afternoon. A phone number would be nice too.

    As someone who grew up in North Belfast and the Cliftonville Rd in particular it's good to see something like that getting set up. But get the finger out and make it a bit easier for bands to get in touch with yourselves and find out what the craic is.
  9. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    To view so photo's at a recent gig the CMC has put on go to [url]http://djcolin2000.myphotoalbum.com/view_album.php?set_albumName=cmc-2[/url]
  10. avatar Gripper Magee
    I sure hope the parents of the wee girl in pic 15 know she's been broadcast to the world.

  11. avatar gary gates
    probably the parents that took the snaps :rolleyes
  12. avatar Furnell Tony
    Not too sure bout the abbreviation though guys -- there's a pretty big music-based organisation down south that might wonder at having its name up everywhere....
  13. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    well u could say the parents mate whp was taking the pics took the pictutre of the little girl
  14. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    lots of bands have applyed for this and filed up all the slots at gigs so bands that apply might have to wait a while, but were stil taking in bands for a waiting list.
  15. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    To contact the CMC phone 028 9074 9147, Ask for paul Little
  16. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    Were currently looking 5 new bands 2 play on the 24th december,( yes christmas eve)
  17. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    Three new bands now!!!!!!!! come on anybands starting off r not getting any gigs . r just greedy???
  18. avatar EPK
    Looks like pic 15 has gone.
    Anbd just for the uninitiated, "Manner Street" is...Manor Street.
    Surprisingly,I've never heard of the CMC, and I live off the Cliftonville. I know Paul Little, though. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes  at: 7/12/04 12:16 pm
  19. avatar spirit of division
    i live near there too and i aint heard of ity either....til a wee while ago when i replied to this post......
  20. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    2 more bands for the 24th
  21. avatar battleofbelfast
    hey. Can Ego be put on the waiting list please? Unfortunately we can't do the 24th as im not in the country but We'd be well up for some gigs in the new year. cheers.
  22. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    hey, ok Ego , i will e-mail you gig listens that are open at a later date.
  23. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    Hey the CMC is holding gig's on the 18th ( 2 - 6pm)and 24th (6-10pm)of december at the menagerie 130 university street, anyone who could make it,it would be greatly appreiated.
    Edited by: bewareofthefishys2004 at: 15/12/04 11:54 pm
  24. avatar j0ed
    Is there a wee metal band called High Speed Steel playin on the 18th?
  25. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
  26. avatar j0ed
    Happy days I'll be there sleggin the fcuk outta the wee hippy fruits! :lol
  27. avatar thestoons
    My first post!
    Hi I was wondering if we could play the menagerie on the 5th of January. Or if anyone needs a support band on the same date for anywhere else we can do it. Any chance? Cheers
  28. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    New gig dates will be posted soon
  29. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    I need a couple of bands for some ucoming gigs in jan and feb...Any takers? Reply to bewareofthefishys@hotmail.com
  30. avatar AndyHandle
    We'd be interested. Give me a shout
  31. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    Hey, instead of making u go through the trouble of contacting me an then e-mailing about 5 times there will be a list of all the upcoming gigs from now till june. Then if ur band wants to play on a date contact me an book it. If however u take to long all the gigs will b booked out. The dates will b put up sometime between now and the 10th so keep on checking at www.welpurquis.50megs.com Go to the gigs page.
  32. avatar greensleevesisgod
    How about making an actual site dedicated to gigs, sorta like beardedgigs. Rather than having to trek through pictures of your friends and inane stories about fighting.
    Just a thought. :)

    Edit: ME spell NO GOOD! Edited by: greensleevesisgod  at: 21/2/05 4:42 pm
  33. avatar PaulMaks
  34. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    Yes i tryed that but forgot the password to the site an now couldn't b botherd lol
  35. avatar KamikazeDeclan
    My first post!
    keep it going guys, thumb up from me
  36. avatar bewareofthefishys2004
    Hows about 2 u, an r u guys gona b playing again?