1. avatar Ryan Betes Noires
    Sun 08 May 05 - Brixton Telegraph, London (8 Band mini-festival, onstage 8.30 pm £5)
    Mon 09 May 05 - The Spice of Life, London (Soho, onstage 8.30 pm, FREE)
    Tues 10 May 05 - Club Fandango @ Dublin Castle, London (onstage 8.15 pm £6)
    Wed 11 May 05 - Rhythm Factory, London (onstage 8 pm £5)

    Thur 02 June 05 - Empire, Belfast (with Art Brut and Robyn G Shiels, £10.50)

    Thur 09 June 05 - The Oak, Portadown


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  2. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I'll be seeing youse at the Windmill and Dublin Castle. The Windmill is a class wee venue.
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  3. avatar impulsefuse
    Looking forward to seeing you Smitty, old chap.
    Try and keep the "You're sheeite!!" comments til after the gig if you can!
    Hope London is treating you well.
  4. avatar goatboy
    I'll be in London for those two gigs. Yeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwww
  5. avatar drive by fader
    It'll be good to see you in a couple of different watering holes Jonny, should be fun!
  6. avatar goatboy
    Roll on these gigs. No doubt myself and Smitty will be intoxicated, just like Friday and Saturday just past.
  7. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Can I just mention that the Bete Noires had a very fuckin packed Windmill rocking it's @rses of last week, with the best set I have ever seen them knock out. The crowd loved it to bits.
  8. avatar Damn Pest
    Agreed Smitty and they deserve their slot at the launch party when Simon predicted 'we are going to knock the crowd out with our pop song set' he was fuckin right.
  9. avatar goatboy
    Yup. Betes Noires kicked ass last Saturday. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
  10. avatar impulsefuse
    Cheers lads, great to see you at the gigs, and really looking forward to the launch, and the weekend itself. You're right Smitty, The Windmill is a fantastic venue, Tim is a legend! Plus I hear they're ordering in a consignment of Buckfast, especially for the Irish influx! Sweet Jesus!
  11. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    Who do you contact for gigs in The Windmill and what's the setup? - and - aren't the Betes Noires gigging the King's Head Live lounge on March 4th (along with Velma)?
  12. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    Bump-bump!.....Thanks for your email Ryan - The Brixton Windmill sound like a great place to play well worth checking out!
  13. avatar charlysays2
    Hi Ryan
    check your e-mail
  14. avatar wewerelovers
    why are two gigs that i want to go to always on the same night?
  15. avatar impulsefuse
    Just toss a coin. Or a dwarf. Or vertically challenged person, whatever the PC term is these days.
  16. avatar Damn Pest
    telegraph is an over-commercialised hell hole but you will love the pleasure unit just a stones throw from my shack so i shall see you there no doubt.
  17. avatar Ryan Betes Noires
    [quote]telegraph is an over-commercialised hell hole but you will love the pleasure unit just a stones throw from my shack so i shall see you there no doubt.[/quote]

    Looking forward to hooking up again Joey for a few light ales, heard good things about the Pleasure Unit as well. Got sorted for the 11th May by the way, we're in the Rhythm Factory on Whitechapel Road.
  18. avatar Damn Pest
    Nice one ryan, havent been to the rhythm factory but it has a really good name, smitty, goatboy and myself will definately be involved in at least one of those gigs, see ya soon.
  19. avatar EPK
    I liked the Dublin Castle as a venue.
    Nice to get pissed in.
  20. avatar impulsefuse
    Excellent Joe, look forward to it. Hopefully your livers will have returned to some degree of normality by then, following the Brixton weekender.

    The Dublin Castle is indeed pretty cool, Eamonn. Our Ryan was actually quite fortunate to leave it in one piece last time, as an 'enamoured' Amy Winehouse took a bit of a shine to him after our gig there, calling him "My Mr. Drummer Man". Given the lady's rumoured apetite, it was a lucky escape. Would have been funny as f*ck though! (Sorry Ryan, couldn't resist!)
  21. avatar rentaghost31
    send the details of the london gigs here:
  22. avatar EPK
    That'd have been a class "adult" video to make...Amy Winehouse with Ryan. I bet, as with drumming, he'd have sped up towards the end n'all!
  23. avatar impulsefuse
    Cheers Karen, will do.

    Now Eamonn, that's just mean. He may speed up, but the rhythm is goood! (So I'm told).

    Might I add (before we have a eunuch as a drummer) that Ryan was in no way complicit in this incident!
  24. avatar Ryan Betes Noires
    just confirmed :

    Thur 02 June 05 - Empire, Belfast (with Art Brut and Robyn G Shiels)
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  25. avatar PaulMaks
    The MAK endorses the Noires as purveyors of a fine sonic experience.

    Check them out soon.

    Paul MAKs