1. avatar ebony isis
    My first post!
    in case you missed the rise from their abyss of the new deadend sluts then come join them and the dangerfields this friday night in the front page. :evil
    incase you didnt no the sluts were reformed or that they existed they are by far the best @#%$ metal/punk/dark rock band that northern ireland have see and they have been on the Ni scene for over 3 yrs with their drag look & crazed antics they are famed for bad behaviour and pulling a crowd..... intriged.... no .....well u shud fuckin be so come along and see the portadown/lisburn faggots do wot they are best at Fuckin!!!!!
  2. avatar T Entertainment
  3. avatar ebony isis
    thanx, r u comin to see the sluts sayin as u have taken time to reply?
  4. avatar ebony isis
    for ne one wanting to see the dirty whores at their best go to www.thedeadendsluts.tk and you can catch these filthy creatures xx
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    If I can get away from work early enough, I shall definitely be at their support with Electric Eel Shock.
    One of them at least has a LOT of sleaze to live up to... :b
  6. avatar ebony isis
    definately and they wont disappoint i assure you, please go to their site and enjoy the sluts
  7. avatar T Entertainment
    I love that site - the combination of porn and British Steel-esque razor is quality.
  8. avatar ebony isis
    speard the word my friend, the sluts will whore us up and down belfast town xx
  9. avatar craic addict
    Did these doodz play Rock KD a good wee while back?
    If so... :lol
    Never seen a crowd get heckled by the band.
    Loved it. Not so gone on the music though. Image must've taken a lot of work too.
    If it's not, apologies.
  10. avatar T Entertainment
    I'm hoping for Belfast's answer to early Crue, or I will be severely annoyed...
  11. avatar edwin mcfee
    oh! i'm liking the sound of the Sluts alright (yes,i know....)
  12. avatar EPK
    The singer's going straight to bed without any supper.
  13. avatar mikey fusz
    that site is ballix
  14. avatar T Entertainment
    Nah, it's nat. In terms of the effect it looks like they're trying to achieve, it works.
    Messy b*stard though. Edited by: T Entertainment at: 4/5/05 6:22 pm
  15. avatar professor longhair
    Are Electric Eel Shock head lineing this one, i fuooking hope so, me and misses McGibbon have a babysitter arrange and everything
  16. avatar ssmcmullan
    Any band that can bring 30+ sexy goth chicks to a gig is good in my book.
  17. avatar ConorKane
    I'll miss the sluts because I'm working but roll on this gig!
  18. avatar j0ed
    Nah it's cos yer a fcukin tooltoucher Kane! :D
  19. avatar Andrew
    Electric Eel Shock, The Dangerfields, The Deadend Sluts and Slomatics. Correct me if I'm wrong but is this the most deranged gig line-up yet?
  20. avatar tha cla
    i didn't expect much last weekend at the FP as i'd heard a few bad reports... i liked them though. Didn't think they sound necessarily like a typical 'goth band' or su'un which is a good thing methinks. Looking forward to tomorrow's fun
  21. avatar ssmcmullan
    [quote]Electric Eel Shock, The Dangerfields, The Deadend Sluts and Slomatics. Correct me if I'm wrong but is this the most deranged gig line-up yet?[/quote] What, is it every gig you and me have ever put on?
  22. avatar T Entertainment
    From what I've seen, if the DES are goths, I'm a banana.
    Don't they teach you young people anything at Pop Music Studies at Bangor Tech?
  23. avatar spirit of division
    the slowmatics are, to coin some dublin friends,"deadly". Unfortunately I wont be there.....unless they're going on later than first? Then maybe....just maybe.....
  24. avatar ebony isis
    a bad review that normally doesnt come hand in hand with the sluts, they usually impress to some extent but hopefully they werent to nasty about a very skilled musical band who are just about to take the belfast music scene by storm, and in reply to the guy who asked if they played rock kd they did many moons ago with the crappy old singer but they are far better now!!!!!
  25. avatar LeCto