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Students Against the WAR - For Palestine - TPO style.
  1. avatar tinpot anto
    Right so it's STUDENTS AGAINST THE WAR but this gig is to raise money for charities helping Palestinian Children affected by the Conflict to come over to Galway for a few weeks to get their head showered.

    That makes sense now doesn't it, sorry about the Confusion.

    So that's the TPO and some other musiques of protest in the QUBSU Snack Bar (2nd floor at the back)

    Full Bar, Free in

    THurs May 5th
    Kicks off about 8.30 pm. Edited by: tinpot anto at: 3/5/05 3:18 pm
  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Who else?
  3. avatar tinpot anto
    I really don't know.

    Mostly acoustic guys I think, I don't have a lot of info.
    This much only got finalised very recently
  4. avatar dazcraig
    What? Have you not stopped the war already??
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    Daz, when students mobilise by holding a gig in a pub, all things are possible.
  6. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Which war? Is there still a war? I'm not very up to date on my current affairs.
  7. avatar tinpot anto
    Here don't talk to me, this is actually a Palestine benefit gig.

    Stay tuned. :eek

    When someone starts talking sense I'll put up the info. till then try and pretend this thread doesn't really exist.

    No stop looking at it.

    STOP! :
  8. avatar xfirefishx
    Er, when is it?
  9. avatar tinpot anto
    Terrifyingly, it's [i]this[/i] Thursday.

  10. avatar tenrabbits
    I actually wrote an anti-war song song last week. Quite proud of the lyrics, although if anyone gets my references I'll be very surprised...

    EDIT: Alright - here ya go: Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? (Actually that's something I could say more often..)

    The light beneath the door,
    It’s warm inside I’m sure,
    But all above my head,
    My stars are never read.

    Cos I’m the man in the background,
    The one you never see,
    I’m your sense of distant wonder,
    I’m your history.

    I think of what I’d say,
    If I speak again someday,
    My words like stars unfold,
    And glitter in the cold.
    Edited by: tenrabbits  at: 3/5/05 2:37 pm
  11. avatar T Entertainment
    Stop being such a tease and put them up, Chazza.
  12. avatar nonlogic liam
    what war are the students against?
  13. avatar tinpot anto
    I'm away to inject myself with crack and smoke some "E's" until I get some sensible idea of what this gig is about.

    But I'm thinking definitely Palestine, rather than Iraq, which is a start
  14. avatar tenrabbits
    Well.. waddyas think?
  15. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Here's my favorite anti war song...

    The Zombies - Butcher's Tale (western front 1914)

    A butcher yes that was my trade
    But the king's shilling is now my fee
    A butcher I may as well have stayed
    For the slaughter that I see

    And the preacher in his pulpit
    Sermon: "Go and fight, do what is right"
    But he don't have to hear these guns
    And I'll bet he sleeps at night

    And I
    And I can't stop shaking
    My hands won't stop shaking
    My arms won't stop shaking
    My mind won't stop shaking
    I want to go home
    Please let me go home
    Go home

    And I have seen a friend of mine
    Hang on the wire
    Like some rag toy
    Then in the heat the flies come down
    And cover up the boy
    And the flies come down in
    Gommecourt, Thiepval,
    Mametz Wood, and French Verdun
    If the preacher he could see those flies
    Wouldn't preach for the sound of guns

    And I
    And I can't stop shaking
    My hands won't stop shaking
    My arms won't stop shaking
    My mind won't stop shaking
    I want to go home
    Please let me go home
    Go home

    Check it out if you haven't already heard it.
  16. avatar tinpot anto
    What war's it against?

    I like it.
  17. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    [quote]what war are the students against? [/quote]

  18. avatar tinpot anto
    Until the philosophy,
    which holds one race superior,
    and another inferior,
    is finally and permanently,
    discredited and abandoned.

    See everywhere is War...
  19. avatar tenrabbits

    Actually I thought the students were at war with the population of the holylands? Quote: 'They should realise this is a student area now and shut up or leave'..

    Me lyrics were written after reading Pat Barker's Regeneration trilogy about the effects of shellshock on men in WW1. They lost the ability to talk and various things. Horrendous stuff. Lovely books though..
  20. avatar T Entertainment
    You can't beat War Ensemble or Ghosts of War by Slayer for war songs. I also like Pro-war songs, that is.
    Or this, of course:

    You’ll take my life but I’ll take yours too
    You’ll fire you musket but I’ll run you through
    So when your waiting for the next attack
    You’d better stand there’s no turning back

    The bugle sounds as the charge begins
    But on this battlefield no one wins
    The smell of arcrid smoke and horses breath
    As you plunge into a certain death

    The horse he sweats with fear we break to run
    The mighty roar of the russian guns
    And as we race towards the human wall
    The screams of pain as my comrades fall

    We hurdle bodies that lay on the ground
    And the russians fire another round
    We get so near yet so far away
    We won’t live to fight another day

    We get so close near enough to fight
    When a russian gets me in his sights
    He pulls the trigger and I feel the blow
    A burst of rounds take my horse below

    And as I lay there gazing at the sky
    My body’s numb and my throat is dry
    And as I lay forgotten and alone
    Without a tear I draw my parting groan


    Charlie, what warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!! is you referring to?
  21. avatar T Entertainment
    The film of Regeneration is great. Downfall tonight, I reckon.
  22. avatar tenrabbits
    WW1!! Shellshock!!

    I take it that slayer one is the charge of the light brigade?

    Maybe we should start a best war lyrics (or poetry) thread... I always remember Wilfrid Owen being particularly moving cos he died so young and wastefully.
  23. avatar T Entertainment
    That's Maiden's The Trooper. Yes, looks like the Charge of the Light Brigade to me.
  24. avatar tinpot anto
    [i]There’s a war going in Belfast,
    Scraping the breadline, racing the deadline,
    trying to find a reason,
    To get up in the morning,
    to put up with the fawning

    There’s a war going on in the Sudan,
    Scraping for breadcrumbds, searching for children,
    Looking for silence in the darkness,
    killing the memories,
    living the agonies,

    Said it’s easy to be careful
    Said it’s easy to be free,
    Said it’s easy to be lonely
    I said it’s easy to believe

    War is all around,
    (I never thought I ‘d have to fight)

    There’s a war going on in Mexico,
    Children on the streets with nowhere to go,
    There’s a war going on in Washington,
    Trying to make a difference when the lies are piled on your door,

    There’s a war going on in Aukland
    Cancer splitting atoms in the bones of a family man,
    There’s a war going on in Johannnesburg,
    White man’s weeping on the tomb of Apartheid.
  25. avatar smittennn
    [url="http://www.mcd.ie/live/fullnews.php3?tname=1140532023&xname=slayer"]slayer live in dublin!!![/url]

    definetely see DOWNFALL.
    truly brilliant filum.
  26. avatar T Entertainment
    We got stuck in traffic yesterday and missed our already booked via the German society tickets. Gott in himmel! I shouted in frustration.
  27. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Did you say: "Don't you know who I am???!! I work for the BBfúckinC you know! Chris Lyndsay. Remember that name boyo..."

    [i]You, me, the whole community, let's all get along...[/i] Edited by: Eamonn Evangelists at: 3/5/05 4:17 pm
  28. avatar tinpot anto
    THe greatest avatar I have ever seen.

  29. avatar T Entertainment
    I know someone who is going to ram their now broken expensive shoe up your jacksie, McColgan.
  30. avatar xfirefishx
    That may or may not be me.
  31. avatar tinpot anto
    I do like the image of Chris standing there with a broken sparkly Jimmy Choo and a face like thunder :)
  32. avatar tenrabbits
    Makes a change from seeing him with a face like a broken shoe...
  33. avatar xfirefishx
    How I wish it was a Jimmy Choo. Stoodent remember. It was a week old expensive skate shoe. :P
    Edited by: xfirefishx at: 3/5/05 8:22 pm
  34. avatar 10rapid
    favorite war lyric...

    uh huh!
    what is it good for?
    absolutely nothing!
    say it agaiiin uh huh!
    check ma bad self mutha focka!
  35. avatar tinpot anto
    Good friend only to tha undertaker
  36. avatar Mick Nemesis
    rite-just to be clear.
    when/where and how much is this gig anto.
  37. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    I think it's in Palestine.
  38. avatar Mick Nemesis
    ha ha. ha
  39. avatar EPK
    I don't know anyone involved in the war personally, so I really don't care and wish they'd dry their eyes.
  40. avatar spirit of division
    who else is playing ? i might go if i can convince fellow work people to venture to the bar when we finish.....like that'll be hard....
  41. avatar T Entertainment
    I'm waiting for more confusion on this one: it'll probably end up as a Bring Them Home benefit.
    50% off if you (or a friend or relative) can give the time in Basque. Edited by: T Entertainment at: 3/5/05 11:25 pm
  42. avatar EPK
    Or give the time in a basque.
    With just a pyrenees showing.
  43. avatar tenrabbits
    I think blood came out my ears after reading that Eamonn.. I'm guessing my brain made a run for it.
  44. avatar tinpot anto
    This is mainly the reason why I like to be in the band and play the music and not organise the fecking gigs - fecking lefty mentalists.

    All that can be said for sure is that if you go up to the Snack Bar tomorrow night you have a good oul chance of seeing the TPO and some acoustic acts singing oul protest music, and perhaps of having your photo taken by MI6 and put in a file somewhere.
  45. avatar tinpot anto
    THere youse go

    This is the craic.

    Palestine Solidarity Night.

    Tin Pot Operation
    Pól Mc Adam
    plus friends.

    Snack Bar.

    Thursday 5th May

    8pm til late.

    £3 in.[/quote]
  46. avatar tinpot anto
    Also youse should be able to hear at least 3 [i]new[/i] songs by the TPO
  47. avatar T Entertainment
    As well as stopping the war (whichever one it is) AND freeing the Palestinians?!
    The ambassador is truly spoiling us!
  48. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Have the people of Palestine not suffered enough without the TPO adding to their woes?
  49. avatar T Entertainment
  50. avatar tinpot anto
    Is that joke not at least 9 months old... and second hand? :lol
  51. avatar T Entertainment
    It's the way he tells them.
    If you really want to do something for the Palestinians, do a tour of Israel, sure.
  52. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Aye, and then put wee Marty in front of an Israeli Tank.

    Then he won't be able to make no more light hearted comments about the Omagh bomb.
  53. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    How about the TPO do a tour of Columbia? You could always mix it in with a bit of eco-tourism.
  54. avatar T Entertainment
    " he won't be able to make no more light hearted comments about the Omagh bomb."

  55. avatar Daithi jasper
    I believe you Chris. Honest.
  56. avatar T Entertainment
    Smitty just told me on the phone.
    I missed the show cos of work and it wasn't mentioned.
    Hilarious, like.
    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 5/5/05 3:09 pm
  57. avatar tinpot anto
    I love those guys, it's like having your own personal Daily Mail letter's page following you around. :)
  58. avatar T Entertainment
    Yeah, it's totally reactionary to think joking about the Omagh bomb is just a tad out of order. Completely.
  59. avatar Daithi jasper
    Was there a joke? I didn't really think so, and as you didn't hear the show...
  60. avatar T Entertainment
    Well, unless Smitty is a liar, a highly inappropriate comment. Certainly not a joke, as it is bereft of any humour to any reasonable person.
    Whatever, I don;t even how anyone manages to be surprised any more... :rolleyes
    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 5/5/05 3:20 pm
  61. avatar tinpot anto
    Marty from TPO in "inappropriate comment" shocker. :eek
  62. avatar Daithi jasper
    Who is this anyone you speak of?
  63. avatar tinpot anto
    Moreso there are those who would consider that mocking the plight of the Palestinian people in order to get a dig in to a band you don't like, similarly "inappropriate".

    Not me though I think it's all fair game
  64. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    (This message was left blank) Edited by: yin pot shayyinyeeyi at: 5/5/05 4:21 pm
  65. avatar tinpot anto
    No real need Shaz.

    Everybody gets that already.
  66. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    Bling bling bling bling Edited by: yin pot shayyinyeeyi at: 5/5/05 4:21 pm
  67. avatar tinpot anto
    there's a gig tonight if you want....
  68. avatar Dave Reckoning
    My first post!
    Will you be shouting at Edward Said?
  69. avatar Mick Nemesis
    is he not deada already?
  70. avatar EPK
    [quote]Moreso there are those who would consider that mocking the plight of the Palestinian people in order to get a dig in to a band you don't like, similarly "inappropriate".[/quote]

    This forum exists to promote gigs, and where the band both advertise the gig and a political point in tandem, dissent may well be expected.
    Perhaps the most "appropriate" solution would be to take the political debate elsewhere better suited for in depth discourse on political matters, such as the "shouting at Protestants" forum on the TPO board. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes  at: 5/5/05 7:42 pm
  71. avatar spirit of division
    but that wont happen....music and politics often go hand in hand.....
  72. avatar EPK
    So you'd have no objection to a right wing skinhead band promoting BNP principles here either?
    The music can be advertised,not the politics.
  73. avatar tinpot anto
    Aye Eamonn,

    That's as opposed to the "shouting at the TPO" board that exists here.

    Seriously "shouting at the protestants" board, on the TPO forum.
    I don't think I've ever read anything more idiotic, narrow-minded and utterly sickening on this board, in the whole time I have been posting.
    Being outspoken on a lot of issues broadly related to how this place is governed as well as a number of important issues is one thing.
    You imply that this is related in some way to narrow religious bigotry ,on our part.
    It sickens me that you cannot see that people can explore issues in a frank and open way, without having ulterior motives of entrenching prejudice or sectarianism.

    Believe it or NOT that IS the truth and has always been so.

    Also if we do a gig for a CHARITABLE cause it will be advertised as such, if the cause is unacceptable to people and they criticise it then it is my right to defend why i think it is worthwile.
    If people also want to debate issues that arise outside the forum then the TPO board is there for that reason and my email is clearly in my profile and has always been.

    On a lighter and actually relevant note you may have noticed the gig was relocated at the last minute due to an administrative F*ck Up so a big thanks needs to go to Marty at Kelly's Cellars for providing a venue at [i]no[/i] notice, and to the crowd and artists who still managed to make the night a huge success despite the initial problems.


    (btw I will not be drawn into further comment on this forum on the above issues, any one wanting to comment on it can do so by emailing me, in profile or by posting on the "shouting at protestants"
    board to be found


  74. avatar spirit of division
    [quote]So you'd have no objection to a right wing skinhead band promoting BNP principles here either?[/quote]

    Well I would, but to most that pretty abhorent politics and quite distasteful......something like this - to promote the lot of others - is a good thing....nes pai?
  75. avatar Portadown News Editor
    A little excerpt from that TPO board:

    [quote]The best bit was when Dane the Red Rasta showed up out of nowehere, and started really shouting at people that they should vote Sinn Fein (in the membrane).

    turns out his sister's standing in Short Strand, which is mad in itself, but it's even madder when you're shouting it at a bunch of protestants, and going "THIS IS MY @#%$ SISTER WE'RE TALKING ABOUT. @#%$ VOTE SINN FEIN NOW!"[/quote]

    But hey - peace, man.
  76. avatar tinpot anto
    Can be read in full [url=""]HERE[/url]

    That actually happened, no really it did.
  77. avatar Daithi jasper
    Um, as the quote you've obviously trawled for suggests, that was not anyone from the TPO at all, but some random guy that turned up at a heavily fastfude attended south belfast party lsat week. I don't see the relevance myself, or indeed the relevance of the weird direction this thread has taken. Thank you.
  78. avatar Portadown News Editor
    From last Friday's Queen's Radio broadcast:

    Presenter: "So where do you have fans other than Belfast?"
    Anto: "We're really big in Omagh, so we are!"
    Presenter: "Why there?"
    Marty "Everyone thinks we plawnted that big fockin bomb, leek!"

    But hey - peace, man.
  79. avatar T Entertainment
    Who were the bunch of Protestants? Were they wearing badges?
  80. avatar Daithi jasper
    Again the revelance is lost on me. That is a complete and utter misquote by the way. I have the show recorded too if you'd like to hear it.
  81. avatar tinpot anto
    Misquote [i]entirely[/i].
  82. avatar Portadown News Editor
    I'm sorry, was it some other bomb you were laughing at?
    Have you fans in Enniskillen, perhaps?
  83. avatar tinpot anto
    I'm sorry Newton did you have some music-related comment to make on our gig last night?

    In the "Gig discussion" board.

    Slabbery banal political comments should please be directed [url=""]HERE.[/url]

    Ach you know where it is.
  84. avatar Portadown News Editor
  85. avatar wabmonkey1

    Newton Emerson takes offence at pointless, unfunny pseudo political comment.

    Now there's a turn up for the books, particularly for anyone who's ever read any of the tripe written by Newton Emerson.

    "Here's a good idea, let's make a career from making unfunny comments about the easiest thing in the world about which to make actually funny comments."

    That man is really, really sad.
    And I genuinely mean that.
  86. avatar Portadown News Editor
  87. avatar T Entertainment
    Seriously, how did you know it was a group of Protestants?
    I don't recall a segregated party.
    Is it an eye thing?
  88. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Obviously cause all the catholics were down at the polling station.
  89. avatar Daithi jasper
    You can ask that random guy at the party, no idea if he reads fastfude though Chris, so good luck with that.
  90. avatar T Entertainment
    Nah, above it was Marty who identified them as Protestants.
    I'm genuinely interested. I honestly didn't see any religious groupings there, just a load of wasters off their face. That's what was good about it. Whatever.
  91. avatar Daithi jasper
    Fair enough. But as you're aware Marty is banned from Fastfude so you'll not find out on here.

    Delete this nonsense.
  92. avatar tinpot anto
    Nah there was defintely a distinct Buddhist element collecting at the far end of the kitchen...
  93. avatar T Entertainment
    Look, it's like this: if you change the word Protestant there to Catholic, Short Strand to The Village and Sinn Fein to DUP / PUP, the TPO would be screaming in outrage and probably planning a picket.
    I honestly don't give a f*ck about what anyone said per se, it's the blatant hyprocisy while people preach about tolerance which gets to me.
    Over and out.
    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 6/5/05 11:42 am
  94. avatar tinpot anto
    That's so far wrong it's embarrassing.

    And anybody who knows me well will tell you just that.

    I think you've been having a go at the TPO for so long you've started believing your own ballicks.
  95. avatar T Entertainment
    Well, it's just the evidence of my eyes and ears on your collective utterances making me think that. Sorry there.
    Say and believe what you like, but some consistency and honesty would be good. And if you put yourselves forward as a band of integrity on issues like tolerance, don't be surprised if you get pulled up on what it perceived to be a lack of it.

    Basically, if you take a strong public stand on issues of conscience, you'll be more closely scrutinised, is the general rule.
    Look at P**l Be&&y.

    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 6/5/05 11:55 am
  96. avatar rentaghost31
    urgh - do i have to?
  97. avatar tinpot anto
    "PERCIEVED", Chris.

  98. avatar EPK
    Perception's an interesting phrase.
    Interesting enough to win a case for someone feeling harassed or victimised in employment law.
  99. avatar T Entertainment
    As an agnostic non-voter, I really don't give a sh*te what anyone has said EXCEPT for the clear double standards.
  100. avatar tinpot anto
    No double standards Chris, different people maybe?
  101. avatar T Entertainment
    I'm off out - byeeeeeeeeeee!
  102. avatar Daithi jasper
    I was just wondering why this was dragged up here out of the blue in the Gig Discussion...
  103. avatar EPK
    Frankly, Daithi, I found it distasteful to be lectured on political respect of a people whilst other members of the band where indulging in chip shop politics elsewhere.
    If there's any lecturing on respect to be done, it might be better to have look around on stage and start there first.
  104. avatar Daithi jasper
    Elsewhere being the key phrase there I thought but ah well..
  105. avatar EPK
    Nothing happens in a vacuum.
    Except dust collecting, of course.
  106. avatar zebulon
    So why is one member of a band being held responsible for statements made by another member of the band?
    Are bands now like political parties?
  107. avatar tinpot anto
    yes but there are 3 relevant threads on our board with these topics.

    Holy Jesus PDN had to go to our board, copy a post and PASTE IT HERE - rather than having the balls to respond on our board.

    Read back over the thread.
    I did not start any political discussions here, I think I know better.
  108. avatar EPK
    In posting for them about the gig, Anto's representing the band.
    The discrepancy in political attitudes and enactment within the band is what concerns me.
    As I said before, I'd prefer it if gigs were simply advertised and any political context omitted.
  109. avatar tinpot anto
    Eamonn it clearly says the gig was to raise money for the Palestine Childrens Fund, which takes kids from Ramallah on holidays in Galway.

    That's not a political context, and could never be construed as such without great effort.

    The gig was "organised" (i use term loosely) with the help of the QUBSU "Student's against the War"

    If you had contacted me by email I'd have been glad to put the record straight in that regard, if there was any problem with it, as I am with any of my posts.
  110. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    Do you's take kids from Israel on these holidays too?

    I'm suprised that the QUBSU would offer to put on such a gig, particularly under the term "Solidarity". I would have thought that they couldnt have been seen to take a political standpoint (despite what has been said it will clearly be taken as one). Like it aint as if they open the union as a polling station for students living in south belfast for the current elections.

    While i understand that it is "Students against War" you dont see a "Repblican/Loyalist" night (hell isnt it an armed conflict under political means). And when you say solidarity its implying that one part of out "community" has something in common with the palestinians (and i think we all know what side of our community that would be) Edited by: I just wanna be a firecracker at: 6/5/05 2:34 pm
  111. avatar tinpot anto
    My view is that the association of the sides in the Israeli/palestine conflict with our petty wee squabbles here is DEEPLY damaging to everyone concerned.

    The gig was mainly organised by a group of English People.

    Other discussions on the conflict will be done [url=""]HERE[/url]

    Come over you may really learn something you didn't know.
  112. avatar Daithi jasper
    No you wont.
  113. avatar T Entertainment
    The reasons, chaps, why I don't bother with debate on your board any more is because A) the last time I tried, someone deleted all the contributions from a 60-odd post thread
    other than mine (left for two days before dumping the rest) and B) Marty merely engages in abuse anyway which no adult could seriously be arsed with. Simple, really.
  114. avatar tinpot anto
    Ooooooooohhh, that's [i]awful.
    Did the bad man call you a name?
  115. avatar T Entertainment
    Ach, really Anto. Obviously that's very much a secondary
    issue. It's to do with not being holed engaging in debate - as you are currently demanding on your board - when specifically you then just edit/censor the threads to suit yourselves. It's a joke. And a boring one.
  116. avatar tinpot anto
    Aye well, what you refer to was sharon deleting all our posts cause she thought we were all full of sh*t.

    She left yours to do with as you would like.

    Not everything's a big F*ck You, you know.
  117. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    Nah T-ent I was taking the piss ever so slightly, If I'd known you were annoyed about it I would have taken it off sooner, but hey, I only left it up for a day anyway, the thread was full of crap anyway - so's most of this, except the bit about the israeli kids, fair point, thing is (whoever brought that up) it's the palestinians that have little in the way of money and education.
    If there's a fund that deals with poor israeli kids let me know cos I haven't time to check google myself.

    And we can't tell you the workings of marty's mind, one thing that I'd said earlier but edited was that I heard the interview and he just came off with a stupid random comment, he wasn't laughing at bombs, he wasn't saying they were good or bad he just popped out with something extremely strange and dumb.

    And T-ent, he probably asked everybody were they catholics or protestants, this is the same fella that has a philosophical email exchange with a free presbyterian.
  118. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    [quote]Marty merely engages in abuse anyway[/quote]

    Marty told you in lavery's he was just taking the piss, and didn't actually mean any of it, if you had a problem with that why didn't you just say then,(likewise with the T-ent talking to himself thread) you know adult to adult and all that.
  119. avatar the dirty weed
    guys, you are killing the internet.
  120. avatar yin pot shayyinyeeyi
    hey, I've only been here two secs,

    Edited by: yin pot shayyinyeeyi at: 6/5/05 5:14 pm
  121. avatar tinpot anto
    Here but look at this wee picture of a wee goat having a fight with a dog


    c'mon the wee goat!
    Edited by: tinpot anto at: 6/5/05 5:53 pm
  122. avatar T Entertainment
    OK, fairynuff - I didn't know that was the reason for the deletion.
    And seriously - not everything is a bloodyminded attack. :D

    Anyway, onwards and downwards!