1. avatar jenniemcc
    'How does a band get a gig in Belfast?'

    Up in the Attic is a new band night in Auntie Annies beginning on Tuesday 24th May which will offer brand new and original bands the opportunity to play alongside some of the best established local bands around.
    So far four nights are planned as follows

    Tues 24th May
    Tues 31st May
    Tues 14th June
    Tues 28th June

    There will be one headline act and two support slots each night. So this gives 8 slots for 8 exciting new local bands. If you are interested send a demo to

    Dominic O'Neill
    11 Lisburn Avenue
    BT9 6FX

    or Call Dominic 07851143470 / Jen 07761291706

    If you don't have a demo we are sitll willing to consider bands. If you have something special but aren't sure how to book a gig, get in touch.

    All we're asking is that bands have had no or limited live experiance.
    All members of bands must be over 18 and depending on crowd numbers there will be some money involved, £20-£30.

    This may not seem like the most original idea around, but members of local bands and media will be invited down on all nights.
    This should encourage an exciting atmosphere and maybe even lead to support slots for the performing new bands.

    This could be your first step on the 'giggin' highway' so get in touch if you think you can create a buzz.

    The established band to play Up in the Attic #1 will be announced shortly. There WILL be drinks promotions on the night, and door tax is £3.

    Surely you need a break from the Limelight?
  2. avatar jenniemcc
    LOS CABRAS confirmed to play Up the Attic #1 along with two mystery support acts.
  3. avatar PaulMaks
    [quote]along with two mystery support acts. [/quote]

    This is all very splendid and great and mysterious - but may I suggest, in order to get a crowd, you maybe name the other bands before the gig - I certainly wouldnt spend money getting to and at a gig to see bands I didnt even know the names of...

    Paul MAKs
  4. avatar greensleevesisgod
    That's like opening your presents on Christmas eve!! :eek
  5. avatar battleofbelfast
    My guess is that "mystery support acts" was a slightly more colourful way of saying TBC?
  6. avatar PaulMaks
    [quote]That's like opening your presents on Christmas eve![/quote]

    - No its not even slightly the same!

    Paul MAKs
  7. avatar infidelity jP
    My first post!
    hell yeah, this is just what ive been looking for :D

    ill be sendin ye a demo in the post asap :hat
  8. avatar jenniemcc
    The idea of the night is that the two support acts are new bands you probably won't have heard of. They've had little live experience before Up in the Attic.
    Dominic is, as we speak, working his way through all the demos to make sure that anyone we put on stage is good enough to be there.

    I guess you have to trust us that it'll be worth it.....