1. avatar Tom McShane
    Hi y’all,

    My band and I will be playing a show on the 19th May in the Pavilion on the Ormeau Road to launch our Scene at the Citadel single. Support will come from the very excellent Delaware.

    I do hope you can make it!


    new tunes and stuff at [url="http://www.tommcshane.co.uk"]www.tommcshane.co.uk[/url]
  2. avatar dazcraig
    Aye, I shall do my best to be in attendance... but only if you play that oppenheimer cover!
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  3. avatar JennyHill
    Gaaah, Tom, will you please start playing gigs on nights when I *don't* have something else already on?

    I will be looking for a copy of the single, all the same.
  4. avatar Tom McShane
    well jenny, maybe you just need to get your priorities in order!
    nah, only kidding. we'll be playing some more shows soon, hopefully you can make it to one of those.

    watch this space etc
  5. avatar JennyHill
    Well I'd appreciate you checking with me before confirming any future dates, just in case they don't suit.

    Sheesh, you musicians think it's all about your own convenience, don't you?