1. avatar HelenToland

    If, like us, you're marvelling at the pretty lushness of the parks, you're talking about getting out in the fresh air a little more, planning barbeques, considering painting the backyard, and finally washing those windows, you're probably just lying to yourself. What you really want is to come along to Howl this Fri night, dance, socialise, and maybe even have a drink to pass yourself. That's what Spring is really for.

    In other news, we're very excited about our mid May special Howl, which sees the launch of Panda Kopanda's debut E.P,
    released on Howl records. The boys will be playing a gig, and support comes from fantastic Dublin band The Rags. We'll keep you posted....

    HOWL alternative queer club
    The Pavilion
    Friday 6th May
    9pm - 1