1. avatar Peter32Drivers
    17th June
    One night only

    I got me a ticket, :D
    cant wait.
    Prices are steep but I think worth it since this guy is such a legend (and I never got to see the Pumpkins live).
  2. avatar wewerelovers
    i made the mistake of going to see the pumpkins during their "farewell" tour, it was awful, more people were at the exits then in the venue and people were basically fighting their way out.
    i did get to meet billy corigan once though, he was very nice and very pale.
  3. avatar playennui
    A mate of mine said the gig he saw them at on the farewell tour was the best he's ever been to.
  4. avatar wewerelovers
    i wish i'd felt that way.
    i'd loved the pumpkins for so long, it sucked that when i finally got to see them all i wanted to do was leave.
    they played the gig they did the next night on the radio and it was basically a carbon copy (banter and all) of the one i went to.
    you're friend is lucky.
  5. avatar Peter32Drivers
    I didnt like the way they re-wrote all their songs for the farewell tour... basically destroyed them all from the ones i heard.
    Turned them all folk/goth.
    Mellon Collie era would have been the best gig to catch them i wreckon.