1. avatar andy graham

    Artists/bands needed for 10th june gig..

    venue: rosetta

    anyone interested should email or pm me-


    links to sample of music ideal, but not essential! just giv an idea of influences and type of sound!


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  2. avatar boyinept
    any bands confirmed, or are you looking for a random genre lineup?
  3. avatar andy graham

    just my own band atm,preferably alternate/rock, but doesnt really matter abt genre, as long as its tight!
  4. avatar boyinept
    as they say in france, "who are ya"?
  5. avatar andy graham

    check out our stuff at

    www.unpretentiousmusic.co.uk, then head to musiC!
  6. avatar grandcentralboy
    hey andy

    I play in Grand Central and we would be really interested in playing this gig with you guys.

    we have some music downloads at

    to get in touch with us send an email to

    hopefully you have mail
  7. avatar andy graham
    hey cheers for all the interest, too many hav applied so lineup wil chosen and announced shortly,

    thanks again