1. avatar The Limelight
  2. avatar churchwarden
    Should be great

    Surprised it is in Auntie Annie's; seems quite small - Dresden Dolls had a good crowd at Limelight last time...

    Still, the intimate atmosphere should suit the ambience of her music
  3. avatar Maggotmoore
    Thanks for that totally inappropriate photo...

    AA's should be fine, Limelight was packed when the Dolls came but this isnt them and quite frankly Amanda's solo stuff is shite. Who Killed Amanda Palmer...she did...but il be there!
  4. avatar Maggotmoore
    double posted.... :roll:
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  5. avatar campfiredisco
    ah cool! havent heard her solo stuff but dresden dolls are quite cool. must check it out.
  6. avatar churchwarden
    [quote:c6f1be5f86]Thanks for that totally inappropriate photo...[/quote:c6f1be5f86]

    err.. it is a photo of Dresden Dolls in Belfast...


  7. avatar The Limelight
  8. avatar churchwarden
    any idea of stage times?
  9. avatar JTM
    Horse's mouth says about 9:30 but it's an early show and I reckon there may be a last minute rush.
  10. avatar Mattatooi
    So she was also playing at City Hall on the afternoon for a free gig. Woulda been nice to see
  11. avatar kevinfreeburn
    the city hall thing was nice indeed, it was just a shame she was told she couldn't play in the grounds. she decided to just have a chat with the crowd but then went outside the gate and played 4 songs.

    thought the gig was superb, really love the album.
  12. avatar churchwarden
    Must admit I thought the gig was disappointing. It was admirable that she went ahead with it after the car accident / broken foot, and her voice was great,

    ...but the fact she was dwarfed by her speakers, obsured by pillars and the stage was not big enough to include the full show (as she pointed out several times), did make me think that it could have been exceptional but that it was the wrong venue for the show - limelight, empire or black box would have been perfect.

    She did say she would bring the full show back later in the tour..
  13. avatar pauldoherty
    Fair play for going ahead with the gig, a lot would'nt have
  14. avatar kevinfreeburn
    yeah it would've been better to see the whole show. i still thought her perfromance was great though. jason webley was very impressive too
  15. avatar edwin mcfee
    I have to say what little i saw of Jason Webley i loved


    Amanda was good fun.
    news story and photo up on NME.com now


    ...and check me out working over-time.

    i've also written it up on Hot Press too..

  16. avatar kypp
    I didn't go to the gig but I was talking to a couple of fans beforehand.

    Guys, are you here?