1. avatar T Entertainment
    [quote:5972e070e8]The Devon-born songstress Joss Stone is arguably the most successful female artist to hail from these shores in US musical history, having secured the highest ever British new entry in the American album charts with her third album Introducing Joss Stone. But despite her indisputable achievement on the notoriously hard-to-crack stateside scene, is she necessarily the wisest choice to record the campaign theme song for Barack Obama?[/quote:5972e070e8]

  2. avatar 10rapid
    i must say, i thought it was a silly move myself. Partly because joss stone's a brit but mainly because she's flippin joss stone! Will she be appearing at his rallies shouting 'big love to ma man barack!'? But maybe it counterbalances things. After all, some would say obama's a black guy trying to be white so who better to do his song than a white chick trying to be black?
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    That Brits performance is a gift to McCain's people. She was, quite obviously, off her bake.
    And a narcissistic moron who can't be trusted not to go off on one when a camera is pointed her direction (live 8 video gurnfest and all).
    Michael Moore's piece on the ability of the Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory seems ever more prescient.
  4. avatar George W Best
    [quote:e420a79e7e]That Brits performance is a gift to McCain's people.[/quote:e420a79e7e]
    Yeah but McCain's people seem to be the most inept campaign managers since those guys that sent a sweaty Nixon to debate Kennedy. A some of the shit they have made him say/do would look out of place in a high school election.

    Exhibit A - the ad they had saying that when Obama went to Germany he didn't visit the American troops. The footage they used to prove this? Obama visiting the American troops in Germany! I mean like OMG? WTF?

    And then there was the tire gauge fiasco (check out clips on the Colbert Report website, pure gold!)

    (And for the record Leona Lewis is the highest charting British female in US chart history)
  5. avatar 10rapid
    I would imagine that they wouldn't have to dig too deep to find some top grade scandal on her.
    But yeah you're right. I've not heard moore's thing but I can guess at the points made.

    Getting a British harpy to do a tune for you is stupid when the opposition's main strand of attack is that you're unpatriotic and indeed "foreign".
  6. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Oh deary me...

    You have to wonder at an organisation that has sooooo many minds working full time to secure his position as the president, but still can't grapple with the fact that the public still percieve him as weird and 'un-American'.

    I mean, with that many people working for you, and for a job that is - let's face it - pretty much the biggest in the world, surely SOMEONE would have pointed out that Joss Stone is a 'non-American', and therefore confirms Obama's 'creepy' status to middle America.

    Personally, I'd vote for him, but how can you make a gaffe like that?

    On a related note, I'd never seen the flake advert before, but I laughed my little cotton booties off at it.

    Once again, with that many people working for you, etc, etc.
  7. avatar George W Best
    I don't reckon the whole un-American thing is going to wash this time around, Bush and his cronies have spent that coin.
    Middle America will have seen countless numbers of their boys being sent out to be blown up for 'America' this past while for it to be the rallying call it used to be.
  8. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:56c8cb967a="George W Best"]I don't reckon the whole un-American thing is going to wash this time around, Bush and his cronies have spent that coin.
    Middle America will have seen countless numbers of their boys being sent out to be blown up for 'America' this past while for it to be the rallying call it used to be.[/quote:56c8cb967a]

    I know what you mean, but I don't think it's going to go this way.

    The general perception seems to be that middle America are suspicious of him because he is:

    a. Black.
    b. Weirdly 'un-American', apparently.


    c. Has a slightly difficult past. Apparently.

    Whereas the Republicans are still 'all-American' and wholesome. And they didn't have to contend with a long and drawn out muck raking campaign coming from Hilary Clinton. That kind of divison is going to come back and bite the democrats in the ass.

    It was great to watch, but the Obama vs Clinton slug-fest is going to be more damaging to the party than either of them realised.

    I think.
  9. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes but McCain is an Orangie!

    Belfast Telegraph

    August 11, 2008 Monday
    First Edition

    NEWS; Pg. 14

    323 words

    McCain has Orange ancestry

    THE White House could take on an Orange tinge if John McCain wins the race to be US President next month.

    The Republican contender to be the most powerful leader in the world had an ancestor who fought at the Battle of the Boyne alongside King Billy - leaving the Orange Order hopeful of forging stronger links with the US.

    The revelation also put a new spin on Senator McCain's No Surrender tour, which was aimed at stopping a US pullout from Iraq.

    A Dublin genealogist traced Senator McCain's ancestry back to Captain Dixie Coddington, an English soldier who fought with the Williamites in 1690.

    He settled in Ireland after King Billy's victory.

    Another ancestor with the same name was High Sheriff of Dublin, and a later Coddington bought Oldbridge estate, the site of the Battle of the Boyne.

    An Orange Order spokesman said the link with the US presidential race is "fascinating" and could "open up huge potential for the Orange Order".

    "The Order is well established in the United States, but following last year's Smithsonian Museum display on Northern Ireland and the Ulster-Scots, there has been a renewed interest in the activities of the institution in America.

    "It was amazing to see how many Americans came to the Orange Order stand at the Smithsonian festival and said they had ancestral links with the Order."

    The spokesman added: "If Senator McCain is successful in getting to the White House it would provide an excellent opportunity for the Order to further develop its relationship with the US."

    Genealogist Sean Murphy of University College Dublin said he found the Boyne link by building on research that was first conducted in the US into Senator McCain's ancestry.

    "I went a bit deeper and found that Dixie's father, Captain Dixie, had served with King William," he said.

    "I was very surprised when I came across the link."

    Democratic contender Barack Obama has also been found to have Irish ancestors - including a Dublin wigmaker.
  10. avatar George W Best
    Strange, you'd think the Orange Order would want to distance themselves away from a man who voted against the creation of a national public holiday in America for Martin Luther King
  11. avatar T Entertainment
    That's pretty flimsy - as he made clear, he's a fervent supporter of John Lewis and the other quotes are reflections from his 5 years spent tied to a wall by the Viet Cong. The racist tag doesn't stick. He wouldn't have made it this far if it was possible to nail him on it.
    And contrary to popular belief on previous threads on this board, McCain is a lot more secular than Bush. That, and the fact that he is 72, will be his achilles' heels. And it's hard to walk with two of them.

    Plus, I heard Lily Allen is doing his campaign song.
  12. avatar George W Best
    Plus he can't raise his arms up much higher that his waist so every time he holds a microphone he looks like he's singing the Birdy Song
  13. avatar I'mDead
    I thought Obama was gonna use 'Casiotone For The Painfully Alone' - what a sell out...
  14. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Aye, right enough. Using Joss Stone means he's bucked. It's like when Tony Blair used D:Ream, there was just no chance the British would vote for someone using a song by a Derry man.
    Or When Bill Clinton used those Britshers Fleetwood Mac, and sank without trace?
  15. avatar Chi-Lite
    Aye, but it was only a British rhythm section, you fool
  16. avatar The enfant terrible
    He should have used Ashanti

    [i:a4a638cdc9]Can you rock with me, aw baby...[/i:a4a638cdc9]
  17. avatar T Entertainment
    "Aye, right enough. Using Joss Stone means he's bucked."

    No one said this one move was going to be decisive, that would be stupid. Again, probably why no one said that.
    However, it seems indicative of a Democratic tendency to give easy open goals to republicans for little discernible benefit.
    Plus Joss Stone is insufferable enough as it is.
  18. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    I don't see how it's an easy open goal, truly.

    It's a song, a soundtrack. If you can cite a single prior example of when such a thing has come back to bite a candidate on the arse, I'll retract all comments with good grace.

    I mean, Ronald Ray-Gun used a song he/they patently didn't fucking understand, which was openly critical of American Policy and the Politicians who made it, to campaign with, and it didn't do him any harm.
  19. avatar tenrabbits
    On an antolike sidenote, the lolbush stuff in the Guardian gave me a chuckle this morning.:


  20. avatar Midhir Records
    I think she's a good choice for Obama's campaign. She's perceived by americans in a way that represents many of the characteristics of the democratic campaign. Her youth, multi-culturalism and quirky good looks - far from driving people away - endeared many americans to her. By associating themselves with her it's going to help their current strategy; which is most likely to consolidate their current electorate, ease the concerns of more xenophobic fence sitters and alienate the unswayable rest.

    Nevermind the probable superficial boost in younger voters.

    Nah, I think it's a good move. Pretty bold but then that's in keeping their their image as well.
  21. avatar The enfant terrible
    That's a good point. I suppose if they're going to campaign against the republicans by using McCain's age then Obama has to appeal to the young.
  22. avatar pure_love
    he should of got sharon stone, shes much better. at least she gets her fanny out.
  23. avatar 10rapid
    [quote:af421390e9]he should of got sharon stone, shes much better. at least she gets her fanny out[/quote:af421390e9]

    Joss would too. Except in her language "fanny" means "bum" and mooning obama would be disrespectful
  24. avatar tinpot anto

    And my fave ever!

  25. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    A lot of the Republican affiliated news anchors and political commentators are 'accidentally' saying 'Osama' when referring to obama... its quite ridiculous.

    McCain has serious issues with how he's coming across in the media. I saw him on an episode of Jeopardy and he came across as a befuddled old man. He also doesn't miss a chance to say 'Back when i was held captive in vietnam...'
  26. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:6f7fa640c6="TheJaneBradfords"] He also doesn't miss a chance to say 'Back when i was held captive in vietnam...'[/quote:6f7fa640c6]

    He's like Rambo!

    I'd vote for him...

    No, I wouldn't.
  27. avatar T Entertainment
    This flare up of 'The Russian Bear' (copyright every right leaning paper in the Western world) is an absolute gift to McCain tho. I expect to see a conspiracy theory about that on FF round about...now.
  28. avatar thebatgranny
    You know, I think this flare up of the Russian bear has something to do with this. Perhaps the CIA are involved? and aliens.

    Oh, and Elvis, obviously
  29. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:f86a0b33fb="T Entertainment"]This flare up of 'The Russian Bear' (copyright every right leaning paper in the Western world) is an absolute gift to McCain tho. I expect to see a conspiracy theory about that on FF round about...now.[/quote:f86a0b33fb]


    I had a weird dream last night where me, my girlfriend, and Ros from DuChampions were on holiday at the beach (I'm not sure which one), and then all these fighter-planes flew overhead and dropped loads of small bomb-shaped parcels.

    But instead of being bombs, they were nuclear war survival packages (Chemical Warfare protection suits, etc). So we got suited and booted, and then sorties of Russian bombers flew overhead, nuking the shit out of the beach, and we all ran for cover.

    Then I woke up, and vowed to never watch Channel 4 news ever again.

    Obviously this has something to do with John McCain.

    Of that, I am sure.
  30. avatar tinpot anto


    What's the conspiracy theories at the moment Chris?

  31. avatar Chi-Lite
    D'ya know what's a conspiracy theory?

    The way the SWP can have thousands of posters with a "South Ossetia - What's Really Going On" headline just ready and waiting for something to occur.

    They must have a big store with "Uganda - The Truth" and "Armenistan - What They Don't Want You To Know" posters, alongside the standard Iran and Palestine ones.
  32. avatar tinpot anto


    I wish that class picture of Putin looking exactly like Sgt Kilgore, only fishing would come out

    Try this one.

    He's sort of a spit for Ed Harris too.

    It's the Lizards again, the lizards are running the SWP's, always have done! :P
  33. avatar T Entertainment
    The theory which must be forming in some people's minds (and posters) is that a ratcheting up of tension is a huge boost for McCain and bad for Obama.
    Hilary's most effective anti-Obama ad campaign had a phone ringing in the White House at 3 in the morning, with shots of kids sleeping. Then a shot of an assured Hils and the voiceover 'if the call comes at 3 in the morning, who do you want answering the phone?'
    Endless polls show that the one area where 'middle America' (who are going to decide this) is wary of Obama is his foreign policy experience. Hilary's people knew how to play on that. The Republicans, with a former Cold Warrior whose military leadership credentials are as good as they get, can do that all the better.
    So suggesting that the CIA or other shadowy agency covertly orchestrated the invasion of South Ossettia by US client state Georgia knowing full well what the (carefully laid and long planned) reaction of the Russians would be and its geopolitical consequences, is one hell of a lot less outlandish than some conspiracy theories that I've seen people on here faithfully subscribe to concerning 9/11.

    I don't believe it, btw.
  34. avatar tinpot anto
    Nah, seems balls.

    Look at that hunk of manhood in charge of Russia, the Chechnyan conflict propelled him to hero status, now the Georgians are getting uppity too. SLAP THEM DOWN says he.

    Far more likely, but no less worrisome to the world, to be Russian consolidation of energy resources and pipeline control.

    The US are really out of their depth if they think that their stretched, demoralised military holds any power of coercion against a resurgent and "Bolshie" Russia.

    (see what I did there)
  35. avatar T Entertainment
    The Russian army is easily if not more demoralised than the US: it's full of conscripts and the pay and conditions are appalling. There have been open mutinies involving divisions over wages. It's also about two decades behind techonologically as the Russians haven't invested properly in their military since the end of the Cold War.
    But nor do they want a conflict with the West. That will only happen by [i:c820b6b184]very[/i:c820b6b184] unfortunate accident.

    I don't believe in the above theory, I stress.
    But it is good for McCain and tricky for Obama, no question.
  36. avatar tinpot anto
    Investment is far less important to the moral of an army than being the muscle for a president who is unafraid to say "come on te f*ck we'll have ye!", and to have the full support of the public in doing so.

    I'd say Putin's standing in military circles is the very highest and all his posturing of Russia as if it still was a superpower makes everyone feel nice and warm inside, regardless of the holes in their boots, having a dog to kick is also nice for them.

    Russia have flexed their muscles a few times in the last 18 months over NATO bases, Polonium 210 poisoning and to call the west's response appeasement makes Chamberlain look like a fastfude hardman.

    the US will be off with their tails between their legs if they actually try and call Russia's bluff on this. Russia under Putin is not bluffing, they are spoiling for a fight. THe US will do everything possible to avoid conflict, sending troops in to a further foreign conflict would be a serious electoral NO-NO and Russia will make them look like fools, when they are forced to back down.

    You heard it here first, come back in 2 weeks and check if i'm right. :-D
  37. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    BORING! could we not make this thread more "slagging Joss Stone" orientated?
  38. avatar T Entertainment
    I don't think there's going to be direct military conflict between US and Russia (this decade). I don't think either want it. But the ramping up of tensions is here to stay for the forseeable. And that has repercussions for internal US politics. Is what I was talking about.
  39. avatar T Entertainment
    And as if by magic, this flashed across my screen:


    I reckon it's a battalion of the Fastfude Hardmen.
  40. avatar 10rapid
    [quote:c5bd50b372]BORING! could we not make this thread more "slagging Joss Stone" orientated? [/quote:c5bd50b372]

    I hear Obama is going to make her head of the joint chiefs of staff if he wins, putting her in charge of spearheading america's response to the georgia situation.
  41. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    I thought Mystic Meg-voiced warbler Katie Melua was the Georgia correspondent.

    And, lest the Belfast Telegraph ever lets us forget, she spent some of her youth in Belfast.

  42. avatar Midhir Records
    [quote:e6dfd0f2a8]the ramping up of tensions is here to stay for the forseeable.[/quote:e6dfd0f2a8]

    The defense deal with Poland won't help. If the Russians target US military structures in Poland that's it.
  43. avatar T Entertainment
  44. avatar tinpot anto
    Didn't I fu[i:74073b2006][/i:74073b2006]cking tell ya.

    Cue hasty outburst of ameliorating language from NATO, and more Russian swagger.
  45. avatar Midhir Records
    on the plus side though, who wants to get some cash together and invest in Ossetia's oil infrastructure? One thing's for sure, it's going to end well for [i:f18b78ce07]that[/i:f18b78ce07] industry!