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    Anybody who is into Real Soul and Funk in Belfast/Northern Ireland knows how thin on the ground it is. Kept alive by the dedicated few such as The Soul Social, Belfast Soul Club, Bounce, Thee Sarge, Marti Bo, Hu Bu Phonk, The Mod Soul Sessions, Montana Floss and The NI Soul Troop (apologies if I've missed anybody).
    Please do your best to support this oasis in the Belfast Soul desert and make future Soul/Funk Revues possible.
  3. avatar gavonio
    i'll be supporting this alright! and also djing in the attic on the saturday night. expect a tonne of funk and some old school funky hip hop!
  4. avatar kev
    if people had any sense they would be at this!

    (plug - MANTIC 23rd august with montana floss + Friends)

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    Don't forget about this people. Please bring some water to Belfast's Soul Desert
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    Just 2 days to go Soul People