1. avatar cyber_waster06
    i have interest and have been jamming away with a drummer. all we need for now is a guitarist and a bassist. we need a guitarist who is capable of staying in time with polyrythms and time signature changes. influences are opeth, dream theater, nevermore, meshuggah, among others.

    guitarist and bassist wont need to bring their amps but can if they feel the need. ill be performing as lead guitarist and if the other wishes to share well we can see how good he is. and theres very little bass parts down for the songs written so the bassist will have some freedom, but in some cases following the snyc of the guitar and drums.

    if your interested then contact me here by PM. then if your still interested then we can talk more msn and try to arrange some jam.

  2. avatar manversusjim
    PM'd ye
  3. avatar coatzy
    alrite man.
    if you have trouble findin a bassist,
    give us a shout.
  4. avatar cyber_waster06
    no problem. sure if ya happen to be on msn anytime ill send ya what i have ....altho its only midis for now.
  5. avatar cyber_waster06
    come on theres gotta be some guitarists out there into progressive stuff. ive got a bassist and drummer still lined up just really need a guitarist!! good guitarist!!!
  6. avatar realtime
    My first post!
    im learning the guitar, but am more interested in playing with drums and stuff.. wer are u from? mayb i could arrange for a jam if you could explain to me what progressive metal is and bands i should look for.. i can play in rhythm bt is the material i have, hard to play? and do u have gigs? :!: thanks
  7. avatar cyber_waster06
    well the thing about progressive metal is its mainly comprised of songs that have alot of odd time groupings and polytrthms. its quite similar to old school progressive rock like pink floyd and rush and such. look for bands like opeth, mastodon, meshuggah, dream theater. but i have to say that the drumming parts are quite difficult. the guitar parts arent that difficult if you know how to palm mute and you know how to do triples and such. and if you can keep in time. how long have you been playing guitar im looking for someone whos been playing guitar for around 3+ years....if youve been playing for just over 2 then i dont see why we can let you audition. but listen to the midis first and judge on it.

  8. avatar Pioneers007
    upload the midis to a midi site then post the link in the main topic dude, it means people will know if they like it and can play it or not :)
  9. avatar cyber_waster06
  10. avatar cyber_waster06
    i cant seem to find a site that is reliable...ive tried a few sites and the midi is uploaded but when i search for it its not recognized by the site.:S

    could you suggest a midi uploading site for me? it would help me alot! cheers.
  11. avatar cyber_waster06
    guitarist...please! lol a competant, consistent, rythym guitarist!
  12. avatar cyber_waster06
  13. avatar agloyne
    ....I have PM'd you mate, my MSN is as my email on the message.


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